7 Best Game-Changing Gaming Consoles

As the years go by, technology has always surprised us. From discoveries to reshaping already-built technologies, the world moves forward. But one of the fascinating things that technology has given us is the introduction to gaming consoles. Induced with circuit boards, analog signals, high-end graphics, and quality games, consoles have taken gaming to a different level. Many renowned companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have offered varieties of gaming consoles. There is no doubt that all of them are great in their ways. However, some of them differ from each other by a large margin. Now, preference matters to every individual, but if you are confused about choosing the ultimate gaming consoles then read more to find out. Here, I have listed 7 game-changing gaming consoles you must check.

Top Game-Changing Gaming Consoles That You Can’t Resist 

7 Best Game-Changing Gaming Consoles 1

When you are thinking about choosing a gaming console, then the process can be a bit confusing. Most of the gaming consoles offer varieties. But to jot them down in a list and make a comparison, is the tricky part. After reviewing and testing, here are the seven game-changing consoles that you should take a look at:

1. PlayStation Pro 4

PlayStation is always popular among game-changing gaming consoles offering a variety of features. But, what has gotten more popular is the Pro 4 version of it. It is the most-bought console compared on a global scale. So, why is the hype? Well, it offers 4K and HDR 10 compatibility. And, not just that, but it has a hug ps4 repair library inside. 

7 Best Game-Changing Gaming Consoles 2
PlayStation Pro 4

On the other hand, PlayStation Pro 4 is a common platform for many games. The number of produced games every year is much higher than that of the Xbox One Series. Also, here’s an interesting point to add. PlayStation 4 Pro is also a platform for some tremendous underrated indie games. For instance, Final Fantasy XIV or Persona 5.

When it comes to accessories., PlayStation Pro 4 has the availability of using a  Premium VR that comes in a very affordable range. More so, the VR use can be extended to PS5 in the next generation. If you are a fan of virtual reality, then this might be the best decision for you. If you already have a PS4 that might be having internal issues, refer to PS4 repair Dubai for prompt services.

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2. PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 is all set to launch by the end of the late months of 2020. Sony has already confirmed that the new series 5 has a great line-up of games with unique features being added. This time, the gaming console is going to launch with digital-only gameplay. This implies that you won’t need a disc to play a game any longer, as it comes without a disk drive. 

7 Best Game-Changing Gaming Consoles 3
PlayStation 5

However, the controller design and its operational features are going to be different. According to the official review, features like haptic feedback, built-in mic, and adaptive triggers are present in the Dual Sense controller. Additionally, the controller stands out due to its impressive design of black and white color pattern. 

Alongside this, it consists of a ray-tracing feature to enhance the performance and response time. The console also comes with a super-fast SSD to induce performance and smoothness in any gameplay. In terms of games, the library already fills with a vast range of games. Even the ones in PS4 can be played in PS5.

Other features like voice assistance, PSVR 2 hardware, and more. If you’re; wondering about games, then here’s all that you can expect: Spider-Man, Demon Souls, Horizon’s Zero Sequel, Resident Evil 8, and much more.

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3. Xbox One X

Similar to PlayStation, Xbox One X has features like a 4K Blu-ray player and comes with HDR. Now, if you’re both a movie and a game addict, then this gaming console can be a good option for you. Powered by Sony’s renowned company, Xbox One X is carved with one of the most powerful hardware. The hardware installed with this console is better than PlayStation Pro 4 in comparison.

7 Best Game-Changing Gaming Consoles 4
Xbox One X

This also implies that the visuals are more enhanced with refined graphical settings. That being said, Microsoft has stated that they’ve invested in first-party studios. By doing so, many games are produced specially for Xbox One X, which you won’t find for Playstation 4.

Besides, Xbox One X has a massive library of games filled with famous and graphics-induced games like Halo, Forza, Gears Of War. More new games like Will of Wisps and Ori are in the queue for the 202 release.

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4. Xbox One S

Xbox One Series has similar features like Xbox One X. However, when it comes to designing other specifications, it differs. For instance, it’s structure is much slimmer compared to the X series, and unlike other consoles, it has Bluetooth-powered controllers. The S series comes with an internal power supply with a hard plastic molding exclusively designed by Microsoft.

7 Best Game-Changing Gaming Consoles 5
Xbox One S

Here’s one exciting thing about the Xbox One S Series, you can make it stand vertically. One the other hand, the display it produces is much like the Xbox One series. However, to get the 4K quality, you’d have to have compatible video service platforms like Netflix or Amazon.

In terms of controlling the gameplay, the controller of the Xbox X series is different and relatively better because it consists of a proper texture grip while having a streamlined top-section.

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5. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is unlike other gaming consoles. While others are fixated to one location, Nintendo switch can be carried anywhere you like, since it is portable. With perfect visual and performance settings. Even though Nintendo’s original series are compact with games, Nintendo Switch is unlike and unique. It acts like a device where you can plug into a TV and play like other gaming consoles.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

Despite the frame rate being at 30 per second, the performance is relatively smooth and precise. Games like Doom (2016), Skyrim, L.A, Dark Souls, and Noire are few modern classic ones that you can play on Nintendo Switch. Besides that, with Nintendo Switch, you’d have a wide range of other games like Dead Cells, Stardew Valley, Celeste, Animal Crossing, etc.

One exciting thing about the Nintendo Switch is the availability of Virtual Reality for young children. It uses the Nintendo Switch display as the VR screen. This comes with cost-effectiveness, so you won’t have to worry about buying a separate headset to get the Virtual Reality Experience.

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6. Nintendo 2DS XL

Nintendo 2DS XL is similar to the version 3DS XL. However, this version of Nintendo does not produce 3D graphics. But, on the contrary, the library consists of uncountable games that go a long way back. 

You can find some classic games from NES DS and SNES. The reason why it is one of the best Nintendo Gaming consoles is because of its portability. Also, unlike other Nintendo discoveries, this one comes with two screens for 2-dimensional gaming. 

Nintendo 2DS XL
Nintendo 2DS XL

On the other hand, the console use is much similar to other gaming consoles of Nintendo. The hand-held style with two screens may sound odd, but the feeling is better than other DS ranges.

The reason why 2DS XL is among the list is because of the comfort it provides during gameplay. This means that while Nintendo Switch offers more features, 2DS XL is more comfortable while playing. Besides, it’s only a half-inch smaller than 3D Xl. So, if you’re into two-dimensionally gaming, then this could be your best bid. Furthermore, you can also refer to PS4 repair center.

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7. Sega Genesis Mini

The Sega Genesis mini is a bit different than another game-changing gaming consoles. If you’d like to have a retro experience in gaming, this might be the best bet. Like Nintendo, the console structure is much like the retro gaming style, than to the SNES Classic. The game console comes with two wired controllers.

Sega Genesis Mini
Sega Genesis Mini

You’d have a wide range of varieties in 40 different games with some classic tales of Street Fighter 2, Streets of Rage 2, and more. If you’re wondering about some classic retro games, then yes, you will have a range of those games too—for instance, Tetris Bloodlines, Castlevania, Golden Axe, and Hedgehog. 

In terms of RPGs, you can also play games like Ghouls’n Ghosts, Phantasy Star 4, and more. And the best part about playing these games is that they all come in one whole package.

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Xbox or PlayStation – How to Choose? 

Both Xbox and PlayStation series have made their moves in improvements and added new features with speed and performance boosters. But the one question that still confuses people is which one to choose.

Comparing these two significant game consoles depends on hardware specifications, overall price, gameplay performance, and other rules and restrictions for use in terms of games.

So, when it comes to choosing the right gaming console, there is plenty to look for. It always depends on your requirements and comfort during gameplay. So, now that you have a list of top 7 game-changing gaming consoles get yourself one today!

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