Mobile Legends Best Fighters, Ranked

In Mobile Legends, standout fighters with unique strengths and styles lead the way. They bring varied skills and tactics to fights. Their special moves and combat mastery are crucial for winning. Knowing each fighter well is key to outplaying rivals. Join us for a look at the top 7 best fighters in Mobile Legends in 2024. This lets you unlock the potential of these elite warriors.

What is ‘Mobile Legends’?

Mobile Legends” is a popular MOBA game for mobile devices. It boasts many heroes, each with its own abilities. Players engage in fast-paced battles. The game has attracted a significant and active player base. It’s known for its competitive gameplay and lively community.

7 Best Fighters in Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends, fighters lead as the foremost warriors. They control the EXP Lane, push forward, increase pressure, and start team fights. But who is the best at changing meta? We’ll introduce the top fighters. We’ll also discuss their strengths and weaknesses to help you win battles. U7BUY has ML recharge services to get these Mobile Legends heroes and try them out!

Here are the best mobile legends fighters. Their fighting styles and abilities sort them. This will help you build a strong team and win battles.


Mobile Legends Best Fighters, Ranked 1

Paquito dominates the battlefield with his aggressive play. His “Jab” attack is key. It lets him quickly move between enemies, dealing constant damage. This skill mirrors a prizefighter. It keeps moving and striking from surprising angles.

Paquito’s “Knockout Drive” is impressive. It sends foes flying and disoriented. This move is perfect for starting fierce fights and singling out key targets. For example, it can break an enemy team’s formation, allowing Paquito to defeat their support easily.

Paquito isn’t invincible. Players need good positioning and timing to excel. A well-timed “Jab” is crucial. It can shift the battle. However, a mistimed one exposes and weakens Paquito. It’s a fine line, needing skill, strategy, and battlefield awareness. Thus, Paquito is a risky champion. He rewards well but demands precision and finesse.



Dyrroth stands out in battle with his powerful look. His scythe moves are deadly, inspiring fear. His skill, “Specters Touch,” deals high damage and heals him, which is key for tough fights. This makes him a great pick for any Mobile Legends team.

Moreover, Dyrroth’s “Devour” is a game-changer. It resets when he defeats an enemy, letting him use it again. This makes him even scarier in team fights, where enemies struggle. Dyrroth, despite his skills, isn’t unbeatable. Early on, he relies on items to get stronger. So, enemies can win if they defeat him before he upgrades. However, a skilled player can manage this by playing cautiously and strategically. They should use Dyrroth’s abilities effectively.

Yu Zhong

Mobile Legends Best Fighters, Ranked 3

Yu Zhong is a unique warrior, part man and part tiger. He earns respect in battle. In his “Fierce Dragon” form, he gets more aggressive. He deals extra damage to enemies. Plus, he becomes tougher with more health and faster healing. This makes him perfect for tough battles. He can take a lot of damage before needing to fall back.

However, his real power shines with his “Supreme Emperor” ability. This transforms him into a mighty tiger. As a tiger, Yu Zhong gains speed and agility. He can chase enemies or escape quickly. Yet, mastering his moveset is key. It takes dedication and practice to unlock his full potential.


Mobile Legends Best Fighters, Ranked 4

Chou is a gaming legend, dominating battles. His “Jeet Kune Do” skill shows his agility and cleverness. It lets him quickly move himself and his enemies. In a hectic fight, he uses it for a surprise attack. Then, catching his foes off guard, he turns the battle. His ultimate move, “Hurricane Kick,” causes chaos. His team gets a break by tossing away his enemies. This move also breaks up the enemy’s formation, setting up a powerful counterattack.

Mastering Chou’s combos requires practice. A wrong move can leave him open to attacks. Yet, skilled players find him versatile and adaptable. With practice, he can change the tide of a battle.


Mobile Legends Best Fighters, Ranked 5

Meet Ruby, a small but strong fighter. Her unique ability, “Gimmick!” isn’t just a name. It boosts her health and regeneration and shields her when she fights with allies. This allows her to endure more hits and protect her teammates. Ruby’s second skill, “Lift Off,” is a game-changer. With a quick arm swipe, she sends enemies flying. This action shatters their formations, leaving them to regroup. It’s not just about damage. The goal is to disrupt their strategy and open a chance for your team to counterattack. Ruby’s “Gatot” skill makes her unique. It turns her into a giant, creating a zone that heals allies and harms enemies. This move is strategic and shifts the battle’s momentum.

Ruby excels in defense but lacks damage compared to other fighters. Yet, her unique skills more than compensate. With Ruby on your team, she’ll draw the enemies’ attention, shield allies, and shift the battle in your favor.



Masha is a tough, healthy Mobile Legends’ fighter with a unique skill. This skill, “Life Steal,” boosts her life steal as she loses health. It helps her recover quickly. For instance, when her health drops to 50%, her life steal increases by 20%. This advantage often turns the fight in her favor. Her skills let her quickly switch between defense and offense. She adapts like a chameleon, fitting any situation. In defense, she shields allies and absorbs damage. In offense, she deals powerful blows. This versatility makes her a great team player.

Mastering Masha’s advanced skills and item needs takes practice and patience. It’s like taming a wild beast. Players need time, effort, and strategy to unlock their full power. For example, Masha’s “Thunderclaw” move does heavy damage. But she must have the right items to boost her attack. Without them, this move is weak. So, players must carefully plan their item choices and practice their skills. This way, they can make her very effective in battles.


Mobile Legends Best Fighters, Ranked 7

Yin is a strong champion in both solo and team battles. His passive ability, “Demonize,” boosts his basic attacks, increasing damage and control. It also lets him swap positions with a “fallen” enemy. This move surprises foes and sets up ambushes. In team fights, it’s helpful in repositioning to flank or escape.

Yin’s “My Turn” power lets him target a top enemy. He then attacks this enemy without help from their allies. This is especially effective. However, relying on this power has its risks. For example, if the power is unavailable or the enemy is ready to counter it, Yin becomes vulnerable.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends is a popular MOBA game for mobile phones. It offers many unique heroes, and players battle each other in fast-paced matches.

What are the best fighters in Mobile Legends for 2024?

The best fighters in Mobile Legends for 2024 are Paquito, Dyrroth, Yu Zhong, Chou, Ruby, Masha, and Yin. Each has unique strengths and playstyles.

How can I obtain the best fighters in Mobile Legends?

You can get the best fighters in Mobile Legends by buying MLBB diamonds. You can do this safely from authorized sources, such as U7BUY.

What role do fighters play in Mobile Legends?

Fighters are vital in Mobile Legends. They dominate the EXP lane. Their job is to advance the lane, increase pressure, and initiate team fights.

What are some general strategies for playing fighters in Mobile Legends?

Fighters should use strategy and focus on disrupting the enemy team. Their main targets are sharpshooters or mages. Also, knowing the map and when to join team fights is crucial. It can greatly affect the game’s outcome.

How should I itemize my fighter in Mobile Legends?

The choice of fighter item depends on the hero and enemy team. They should aim for items that boost offense and defense. For example, life steals, armor penetration, and sustainability are crucial.

What is the role of a fighter in a Mobile Legends team composition?

Fighters are frontline bruisers. They start fights, absorb damage, and charge at the enemy. They aim to make room for their teammates and disrupt the enemy’s position in team fights.

How can I improve my performance as a fighter in Mobile Legends?

Focus on your hero’s gameplay to enhance your performance. Also, keep up with updates and the meta. Effective communication is crucial for team plays and goals. Moreover, watching replays and learning from experts is valuable.

What are Paquito’s strengths in Mobile Legends?

Paquito thrives on aggressive play. He weaves through enemies with his “Jab.” He starts fights with his ultimate, “Knockout Drive.”

How do I maximize the effectiveness of Paquito in Mobile Legends?

Good positioning and timing are key for Paquito to shine. They help him handle damage and isolate targets.

How can I effectively position and time Paquito’s abilities to maximize his effectiveness?

Use Paquito’s skills to deal maximum damage. Champ Stance closes gaps or helps him escape. Use Jab, Jab, and Cross on grouped enemies for high damage. Save Knockout Strike to disrupt and deal damage.

What are the weaknesses of Dyrroth in Mobile Legends?

Dyrroth can be weak early in the game. This is due to his need for items despite his strong abilities and scythe combos.

What should I focus on to counter Dyrroth’s early-game weakness?

Dyrroth is weak early on. Focus on items that give him sustain and damage, like the Bloodlust Axe and Warrior Boots. This helps him survive and hurt opponents.

What are Yu Zhong’s unique abilities in Mobile Legends?

Yu Zhong’s “Fierce Dragon” form gives him extra attack damage and life steal. It makes him tough. His ultimate, “Supreme Emperor,” turns him into a mighty tiger.

How can I master Chou’s combos in Mobile Legends?

Mastering Chou’s combos in Mobile Legends requires practice. But, his first skill, “Jeet Kune Do,” and ultimate, “Hurricane Kick,” allow for clutch plays. They can disrupt team fights.

What are the best strategies to master Yin’s ultimate and make key plays in team fights?

Master Yin’s ultimate ability for team fights by focusing on three key strategies. The time is right to change the fight’s outcome. Communicate with team to coordinate the attack. Position yourself to maximize its impact on the enemy team.

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