What to Consider When Choosing High Voltage Cables?

Different applications within your home, commercial or industrial environment require different voltages of electricity. High voltage cables ensure that high voltage electric power transmission is possible.

High voltage wire insulation has a fully rated system with three components: metallic shield, semi-con layers, and insulation. As such, the cable is safe and can be used; in both internal and external environments.

The same high voltage wire insulation protects the high voltage cable from stress, heat, and possible current leakage. This cable type is available in different specifications according to the requirements of the home or premises owner.

What to Consider When Choosing High Voltage Cables 1

Benefits of Having High Voltage Cables of the Best Quality

High-voltage cables offer numerous benefits based on different applications, which are:

  • Power is transmitted; without any loss. Thus, it prevents power wastage over long distances, reducing energy costs.
  • High-quality HV cable manufacturers use the best insulation material. Thus, it prevents short circuits, personal electric shock, or injury from contacting it.
  • High voltage cable ensures a better power utilization rate, helping to maintain the workload.
  • High voltage cables reduce the need to trim or cut down trees for power transmission in urban environments. Consequently, it is a better option for urban transmission.
  • High-voltage cables improve the voltage quality by focusing the high pressure towards the transmission center. This focus reduces power wastage during transmission.
  • High voltage cables have a much better line reactance than ordinary bare wire.
  • Some applications are suited to high voltage cables only; primarily where you must maintain a higher load consistently.

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What to Consider When Choosing High Voltage Cables?

Multiple aspects should be considered; when selecting the best high voltage cable. The most critical factors are summarized below:

Custom Requirement

The most important aspect is the requirement of the premises, construction, or industrial usage for which; the high voltage cable is needed. Different applications require high voltage cables that can maintain other loads and voltage levels. Similarly, short-circuit current and laying conditions are determining factors in choosing the best high voltage cable for your requirements.

Types of Insulation

Different HV cable manufacturers use different designs of high voltage cables. Consequently, the cable design and type are huge determinants of the cable’s insulation types. Lines that carry power over long distances may require more insulation than those carrying power over shorter distances.

Economic Aspect

The power loss of each cable is different based on the manufacturing techniques of the HV cable manufacturers. Similarly, it is crucial to consider the price before the purchase. A cable outside the budget of the homeowner or industrialist will not be able to meet all the requirements. Similarly, getting high-quality, high voltage cable ensures that power losses are minimum. This way, despite the initial high investment, such cables help you save money in the long term.

Route Length and Layout

The usage of the high voltage cable depends on the exact location and route it has to take. Different cables are available for use in curved corners, straight spaces, and longer distances. Ask your contractor to determine the exact type of cable required for your specific usage.

Safety Margin

Make sure you consider the safety margin in the length of cable required. Having a shorter cut may render the entire cable useless; if it cannot reach the required length. Your home contractor or electrician can determine such requirements.

Indoor and Outdoor Usage

High voltage cable comes in different varieties based on whether; they have to be used indoors or outdoors. Indoor high voltage cables vary from outdoor cables in the material used, insulation, and voltage levels. Additionally, different usages require different load levels. Using an outdoor cable in indoor applications may cause damage to your equipment and appliances.

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Final Words

At one point or different during your construction, you would require high voltage cables for various applications. Taifulong offers a wide variety of high-quality, high voltage cables for all your construction requirements. Taifulong has developed its reputation for high-quality products and customer services over the years. Also, their specialists can guide you on the best cables to use per your requirements as well. Contact Taifulong today and get the best high voltage cable for your needs.

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