Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds Review: A TWS With A Good Quality

At the end of September, Honor launched the Honor Choice Earbuds X. Though it has classic functionality, the headset has a few decks up its sleeve. The 1st is the battery life (equal to 6 hours on one charge), the 2nd is a friendly price tag, approximately $40. Here are its boastful features, which make it unique.

Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds Review

Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds

Price of Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds:

Although Honor Choice Earbuds X are only getting gear up for sales in many markets; you can buy the version for $39.99 in the approved Honor store on AliExpress.

Design and Materials:

The buds are acquirable in 2 relatively versatile colors – black-and-white. We have the 2nd choice on review. The tws Bluetooth earbuds charging end has an angular box with encircled corners and borders, and the charging end is built of high-quality shiny plastic.

There is an LED blinker close to the bottom. When opening the case, the blinker lights blue and blinks color when changing the earbuds to pairing off mode. It lights blood-red when the charge is down and straight when charging. At the conjunction between the case lid and the body of the case, a slight recess is allowed to create it more comfortable to open up the case.

Ergonomics and Consolation of use:

The Honor Choice Earbuds X is easy. The headset is light (just 4.3 g per earpiece) and compact; it does not intervene at all, and you will be able to use it without any disturbance for hours.

Pairing with a phone:

The Choice Earbuds X is a new model, so buds are not yet available in the AI Life app, which takes the Honor Magic Earbuds and the Honor Earbuds 2 Lite connect. This stands for that you have to get in touch directly thru Bluetooth. To do so, open the case with the buds within and hold the button on the subject for 2 seconds. After that, they switch over to the pairing way and are set up to connect.

Headset feature of Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds:

As for using Honor Choice Earbuds X for cell phone conversations, the headset function is not a stressed point in most budget TWS, and this did not add up as a surprisal in Earbuds X.

Battery life:

The battery capability of the charging case is almost 500 mAh, and each earpiece has a different 40 mAh. On a separate charge, the earpieces can hold up to 4 hours when talk mode and equal to 6 hours in playback modality at 50% volume. The entire battery life hits up to 28 hours with the charging case.

Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds 2


The Honor Choice Earbuds X are excellent TWS earbuds. They have a proper design, good ergonomics, really worthy audio with accurate bass, curiosity for budget earpieces, and fantabulous battery life. So much a combination in the order up to $50 is not comfortable to find. Yeah, there are a few issues with noise reduction in conversations, but in that respect, similar problems appear in much more expensive models. The Earbuds X is exactly a 1st TWS and will surely attract more full-fledged users who do not need ANC, auto-pause, wireless charging, and other flagship parts.

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