Where to Buy The Best Bandsaws?

Long gone are the days when workers had to shrink their bones by devoting their blood and sweat using a manual saw. Companies now buy the new and advanced and best bandsaws instead. Powered by an electric motor, the highly versatile bandsaws can now pierce through any material you can name; i.e., wood, steel, metal, plastic, you name it!

Bandsaws offer numerous varieties in terms of blade, sharpness, length, weight, etc. Available not only to huge industries but also for your tiny garages for those college projects and experiments; (though we wouldn’t recommend you to keep a bandsaw in any minor’s range). Who would want to grab a scary chainsaw or a frightening saw with those shark sharp teeth? Not me! I think bandsaws have done us all a favor by existing.

Finding the best bandsaws in the market might not be the most straightforward task. Customers face many obstacles as they can easily be misguided and often end up with not such excellent quality products. It is advisable to research and compare other options and alternates before actually buying a Bandsaw. The perks of the digital world are many, and the availability of detailed product descriptions is one of them. There are many bandsaws for sale in the market, but you need to evaluate them deeply before buying a certain one.

What to look for when buying bandsaws?

Best Bandsaws and Where to Find Them 1

A bandsaw is an essential machine in nearly every industry. Therefore, there are many types of bandsaws available in the market at various price ranges.

While buying a bandsaw, one must look for its frame, base (the closed and floor base bandsaws are preferable over the open and panel base models); the motor, and the horsepower of the motor (if the material being pierced is thicker and harder; horsepower should be greater than at least 1-horsepower for an accurate cut through result); Riser blocks, switches and most essentially, the height of the bandsaw.

The height and weight of the bandsaws must always be according to where they will fit them. Many customers neglect this and end up wasting not only time but extra delivery charges as well.

How do Bandsaws differ from one another?

Bandsaws differ in the following terms.

  • Price
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Portable or non-portable
  • Fully or semi-automatic 
  • Vertically or horizontally operated 
  • Blade’s sharpness, length, and width

Types of Bandsaws and their Price Ranges

Nowadays, the most preferred bandsaw for heavy industrial work is fully automated, hydraulic, double column sand semi-automated bandsaws. Highly efficient and time effective; these bandsaws cut through the heaviest, thickest, and densest metal in seconds like a knife through butter!

These bandsaws have plentiful variety in terms of features, and it is really up to the buyer’s requirement to buy a bandsaw that fulfills their need well. Though these high-end bandsaws fall in the price range from $3,000 to $85,000; they are highly work-efficient and exceptionally suitable for professional use in industries, factories, carpentry, etc.

What to opt for if you have a tight budget and limited space?

Best Bandsaws and Where to Find Them 2

For example, if I need an efficient bandsaw, but my budget is tight; and I do not have much space in my garage to keep a bulky bandsaw, I will opt for 

  • A Benchtop bandsaw. A benchtop bandsaw offers less sawing power; but they get the task done well for 1-2 inch metals and are very suitable for smaller projects. 
  • A mini tabletop bandsaw is also a fantastic option for small projects; a very cost and time-effective option for those who need to get their work done speedily and efficiently.

These two options are something I would go for myself. They also do not need too much space and are also quite affordable for someone; who has a tight budget and has an urgent requirement of a precise bandsaw of good quality.

Lastly, suppose bandsaws should not be kept at home or an accessible place where children can easily reach them. In that case, even the less capacity offering bandsaws are quite dangerous tools with very sharp blades and heavy bases; and a slight mishandling can cause quite a lot of harm. New   Bandsaws for sale come with a precautionary and dos and don’ts booklet which should thoroughly be read and understood if the bandsaws are being used and set up in-home garages, any carpentry shop, or any store. 

Good luck with Bandsaw shopping!

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