How to Choose The Leather Gloves for Mechanical Work?

Leather gloves are used in many fields of life, from factory work to daily activities. Because of their agility and durability, we use leather gloves for mechanical work, construction, carpentry, and welding work mostly. It’s a good source of protection from hazardous materials and suitable material to protect oneself from cold and chilly weather.

Most safety glove manufacturers also use leather for their products to protect their workers from workplace hazards.

Types of Leather Gloves for Mechanical Work

We can mainly divide leather into two types: natural and synthetic. Both these types are tanned into a tough material for manufacturing‌.

  1. Synthetic leather (also known as artificial leather) is a material manufactured in factories. In contrast, natural leather is made from animal skin and hide.
  2. Natural leather is most commonly used for making high-quality work gloves and other (tougher) leather products.

Manufacturers use both the types above to manufacture leather gloves as well. The type used in manufacturing any glove depends on the purpose for which it will be used.

Leather Comparison – Natural Leather Vs. Synthetic Leather

How to Choose The Best Leather Gloves for Mechanical Work Natural Leather
How to Choose The Best Leather Gloves for Mechanical Work Synthetic Leather
  • Appearance – Both types of leather have different appearances. Experts can quickly determine which is natural and which is synthetic. The pores are different, and the backside of natural leather is soft and furry.
  • Texture – Synthetic leather is stiff and has a rough texture. In contrast, natural leather provides a soft texture.
  • Smell – It’s hard to explain in words. The smell of natural leather is ‘natural,’ giving a feel of nature. Synthetic leather smells like plastic or other artificial material.
  • When Burning – On burning, natural leather smells like burning hair, and synthetic leather smells like burnt plastic.
  • Price – Converting natural leather into finished goods is more costly and time-consuming. As a result, it’s more expensive than synthetic leather.

The Essentiality of Leather Gloves for Mechanical Work

How to Choose The Best Leather Gloves for Mechanical Work 2

Without leather gloves for mechanical work, it can be dangerous. That’s why you need the best protection for your hands.

Leather is an excellent material that provides the protection mechanics need in work environments.

Because machines produce heat and energy, wearing gloves is necessary to prevent burns and shocks. For best kinds of TIG Welders, you can visit ProTigWelders.

Workers can also experience tremendous harm like crushing, cutting, shearing, stabbing, abrasion, shock, puncture, etc.

Using leather gloves can save mechanics, and from these types of hazards.

Other than that, leather gloves have various unique properties that mechanics prefer for their ease of work. Cleaning them is very easy. Because of their smoothness, only washing with soap and a slight rub can do the job.

Also, there are several additional benefits of using leather gloves for mechanical work. But, that you’ll gradually know about while using them.

Best Leather Gloves for Mechanical Work

How to Choose The Best Leather Gloves for Mechanical Work 3

Leathers extracted from various animals and have good resistance quality are best for mechanical work.

Most workers prefer to use leather gloves for their working routine. Because they have their unique quality to provide safety and comfort combined.

According to the work’s nature, the choice of leather gloves can vary from one another.

Following are some of the best types of leather gloves that mechanics can use to wear for their safety:

1) Cowhide Leather Gloves


Cowhide is the most popular and best ‌leather in the world. It has a great appearance and is easy to maintain.

It’s best to prevent any working hazard like cut, crush, shock abrasion, or any other risk.

It has a more extended break-in period and is more heat resistant than Goatskin or Pigskin.

Commonly safety gloves are made from cowhide for better protection.

Cowhide leather gloves are very durable and comfortable to wear that most of the workers love to use.

They’re best for daily workers like mechanics and are highly resistant to mechanical risks.

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2) Pigskin Leather Gloves


Pigskin is a soft leather with a great feel to wear, and it doesn’t get hard or stiff after washing.

It’s the most versatile leather of all.

Pigskin leather gloves provide

  • Breathability,
  • Flexibility,
  • Water resistance,
  • Abrasion resistance,
  • Cut resistance, and
  • Much more necessary mechanical workers.

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3) Deerskin Leather Gloves


One of the softest and most flexible leather in the world is Deerskin leather.

It’s the lightest leather that doesn’t overheat and sweat your skin.

That’s the reason why such gloves are the most comfortable wear for summer.

Deerskin leather gloves are also waterproof and don’t get hard after wash and drying.

These gloves can comfortably keep you safe while doing hard mechanical work.

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4) Sheepskin Leather Gloves


Sheepskin leather is also used for manufacturing safety leather gloves for work. Sheep’s leather is very tough and thick for better protection.

Despite being tough, it also provides a soft feel to the user.

It’s a lightweight material, which is why gloves made of sheepskin leather are very comfortable.

These gloves stay warm but don’t overheat, so working in winter becomes easy without sweating your hands.

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5) Buffalo’s Leather Gloves

How to Choose The Best Leather Gloves for Mechanical Work Buffalo’s Leather Gloves

Buffalo leather has a good reputation mainly for its abrasion resistance. Because of its strength and durability, Buffalo Leather can easily prevent you from getting hurt by any dangerous object.

That’s the reason gloves made of buffalo leather are strongly preferred for mechanics.

Buffalo leather gloves are also very breathable to make work easy.

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6) Goatskin Leather Gloves

How to Choose The Best Leather Gloves for Mechanical Work Goatskin Leather Gloves

This leather is on a level that you can compare it with cowhide. But, many experts claim goatskin to be the most robust material. Because it has high tensile strength and resistance against abrasion and cuts.

Despite being thin, goatskin is naturally tough and has an excellent facility.

The oils in goatskin give it a soft feel. So, gloves made by it are very comfortable and best for work.

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7) Horsehide Leather Gloves

How to Choose The Best Leather Gloves for Mechanical Work Horsehide Leather Gloves

It’s a long life leather and is very durable for manufacturing gloves for safety purposes.

Horsehide Leather gloves are the most expensive because of their outstanding quality. But, workers prefer them as they last longer.

They are incredibly dense but comfortable to wear.

For mechanical work, we can consider these gloves as the best choice.

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If you are a mechanic and want to decide the suitable type for most comfort and safety, you may compare the features. Then, select the type that suits you the best.

As per your work nature and requirements, you can easily select the best gloves for you. I hope the article will help you a lot and it’ll solve your confusion about leather gloves.

Above are some ‌best leather gloves for mechanical work. If you’re looking for the best mechanic gloves suppliers, start by looking into Elite Leather Creations. They offer premium quality gloves and all other leather products.

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