Real Brass Knuckles – Best Parts You Should Know About

Getting real brass knuckles can be a dream come true because you get the right ones. Many places are selling the self-defense weapon; however, most of them lack quality, which costs you money time and again.

You must be knowledgeable before you set out to purchase any self-defense weapon. Well, this article here will prove to be quite helpful for you in deciding on what knuckles to go for. You can wear the self-defense weapon on top of your knuckles, and it consists of four finger holes.

The self-defense weapon is a metallic punching device that enables you to deliver hard blows that otherwise aren’t possible by your hand. Today, the knuckles come in a variety of forms. Some pretty cool names such as Knuckles, knuckle buster, and the knuckle duster are what people know them as.

Types of Real Brass Knuckles

There are plenty of real brass knuckles for sale out there, out of which you can make an easy choice. The endless options cater to the interest of a vast sized population. These are some self-defense weapons that you will find:

Spiked Brass Knuckles

Spiked Brass Knuckles

Spiked brass knuckles are knuckles that come with spikes on top hence making the self-defense weapon a deadly one.

The self-defense weapon suits people looking to seek revenge or who have a lot of troubles to deal with while being outside.

The spikes on top are capable of ripping apart the opponent with ease.

We do not recommend the self-defense weapon for beginners.

It suits people that have been using a similar type for quite some time.

Brass Knuckles Ring

Brass Knuckles Ring

The brass knuckles ring or the keychain knuckles are a cool dual-purpose tool.

Just at one place, you get to have a knuckle for your safety, and along with that, you get to have a key ring that can help you keep your belongings safe along the way.

The self-defense weapon is best for office going people and late-night commuters as they tend to be in a rush.

They will have to worry least about their belongings and their safety with the self-defense weapon.

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Cat Brass Knuckles

The cat brass knuckles are another cool type of self-defense weapon coming from the family of knuckles.

They are also unique as they only have two finger holes than others that usually have four.

The self-defense weapon is made up of plastic, which makes it very light in weight.

The self-defense weapon is given the shape of a cat’s face and has two pointed edges.

It is an ideal tool for females due to the lightweight it has and the point that it comes with a keychain.

Brass Knuckles Belt Buckle

The brass knuckles belt buckle is a tool that comes attached with the buckle of your belts.

By having the self-defense weapon, no one can guess if you have something on you.

The self-defense weapon is a good one because you will not need to carry it separately.

Just by wearing the belt, you will have the self-defense weapon with you.

If you want to have a hidden self-defense weapon for safety, these are the ones to go for.

Cool Brass Knuckles

We are not ended yet, as there is a vast collection of cool brass knuckles that will come your way.

The cool self-defense weapons include engravings of cool things like guns and bullets.

You also get to buy themed styled self-defense weapons, such as the zombie-themed ones that feature a cool zombie theme on top.

A few cool category self-defense weapons are known for their colors, such as gold, silver, and rainbow knuckles.

Best Knuckles

Best Knuckles

Apart from the listed self-defense weapons, there are a few more knuckles that we recommend you to look for if you want to have the best.

The metallic knuckles are one of them, which are made up of 100% metal. They are heavy and inflexible. One good hit from these can do the job for you.

The other type you should look into are the branded self-defense weapons. The branded tools come from top brands, such as MTech, Elk Ridge, and Tac Force. They are known for their long-lasting ability.

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Uses of the Brass Knuckles

The uses of the brass knuckles are very many, and they will leave you in a shock. The very first thing that can be done with them is that you can keep yourself safe from all sorts of trouble. They are easy to carry as they can fit in your pockets.

They are also easy to use as you need to wear them, and you can punch opponents. When punching, remember to always deliver round punches. Hitting in the straight direction might hurt your fingers.

The next thing that people enjoy doing with all self-defense weapons is that they love collecting them. You can collect a single piece of each type and can have them put in your living room, or you can post pictures of them on Instagram and Facebook and can have people talking about them.

As some knuckles carry weight on them, they tend to be suitable for the purpose of acting as a paperweight. You can have them placed on essential documents.  Not only will they keep your papers safe from flying off, but they will also add attractiveness to your work station by their cool looks.

You can even gift the knuckles to loved ones so that they get to have something to keep them safe and so that they have something that reminds them of you.

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Many people ask about the legality of the self-defense weapon. Indeed, it has gone through significant changes. Some authorities consider this dangerous self-defense weapon to be illegal. However, laws and regulations vary throughout the country; therefore, you need to check with the laws of your state to have a clearer picture. However, if you justify using the weapon for your safety, you will be good to go.

Buy Brass Knuckles Today

Coming to the final part, this is to buy brass knuckles. This section will leave everyone jumping in joy as the knuckles come at pocket easy prices. Yes, the low prices make the self-defense weapon a weapon for everyone. Everyone gets to keep them secure just by spending a little amount.

You can purchase cheap brass knuckles for your use as a single piece, or you can opt for buying them in bulk to make extra cash for yourself. You can do this by purchasing the self-defense weapons in bulk at low prices. Then, profit off them by selling for higher.

The self-defense weapons are available at online places such as the PA Knives or shop them from self-defense weapon stores near you. Check out the real brass knuckles that they are offering. Start grabbing your favorite ones before they run out.

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