Today, we will talk about why it is relevant to pursue MBA after obtaining a bachelor’s in engineering. Now, what factors influence this choice? Do engineers must pursue MBA because it widens the scope of job opportunities after engineering degree? Do career insecurities come into play? Or does one feel the urge to get enlightened? Whatever the reason might be, climbing up the ladder concerning your educational qualifications, is never wrong.

Taking the facts into consideration, career prospects have multiplied drastically in the last decade. Even so, professions like engineering and medicine seem to be in high demand – to this very date. However, there is yet another stream that has been omnipresent since time immemorial and is now considered to be highly prestigious. We are talking about business administration. It doesn’t matter in what stream you pursue your bachelor’s in if you top your career with a master’s degree in business administration – then you have successfully topped the cake with a cherry. Top MBA institutes in India prep you for the same.

When it comes to pursuing masters, engineers either opt for MBA or MTech – although the former is a more prominent choice of the masses.

How is pursuing an MBA relevant for engineers After Engineering?

Let’s shed some light on the same:

Add to your Skill-Set

In a professional environment, degrees account for one’s skill-set. Hence, qualification credentials are valued the most. If you’re an engineer who possesses an MBA degree, you’re bound to draw a higher salary and get more perks. All these advantages await an individual who has a master’s degree in business administration.

Boost Your Networking

Owing to your MBA degree, you’re destined to have a plethora of connections with professionals who are working as managers in any firm. In the professional arena, connections are invaluable, and therefore networking is an aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. But only a credible degree assists one in creating such a vast network, with masters in business administration being the most credible of them all.

Catalyze your Managerial Quotient

After having a bachelor’s degree in engineering in your possession, you are considered skilled. However, you must bear in mind that you’re not considered skilled enough to handle specific tasks in the company. For instance, one requires managerial capabilities to tackle circumstances that a regular professional won’t be able to. Hence, pursuing an MBA degree after engineering makes you familiar with an organization’s functioning on a managerial scale, thereby acquainting with the nuances that shall come in handy in the future.

Stand out of the Crowd

As we discussed above, engineering is the most prominent career choice amongst today’s youth. There are a plethora of engineering colleges in India – hither and thither. Every year, we churn out engineers, as if they are being produced via a machine. Some are capable, some are not, and it’s hard to make a choice. Pursuing masters in business administration helps you stand out from the engineers’ densely populated crowd, thereby enabling you to beat the peer pressure and explore your full potential.

Possible Jobs:

Top business schools in India prep up MBA graduates; nurturing their skills so that they can apply for the following jobs:

  • Management Consultant
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Business Development Executive
  • Marketing Executive
  • Human Resources Generalist

Eligibility Criteria

If you’re planning to pursue an MBA soon, then the following pointers covering the eligibility criteria might come in handy:

  • Higher secondary education from reputed education board.
  • A minimum of 3 years graduate course must be completed from an acknowledged university
  • Work experience before admission must be minimum 1-year
  • A satisfactory score attained in the entrance tests like GRE, GMAT, etc.
  • A good score in the English language proficiency test like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. 

The aura of education transpiring around us has forever been changing – for good. Throwback to the times in Indian households, only pursuing engineering or medical was supposed to be the mark of excellence. With time, new work profiles, and courses encircling, the same came into vogue. As a society, we have gracefully accepted those mentioned above, thereby paving the way for our evolution.

Enroll today in your desired MBA institute to pursue MBA after engineering degree and spike the growth curve of your career!

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