Why Pursue an MSN in Nursing Administration?

Nurses make a difference in people’s lives, but they don’t all make a difference in the same way. Nursing comes with a lot of potential roles, from pediatrics to geriatrics and everything in between. Some nurses can make the most difference in nursing administration. Leadership suits them, and they can change lives on a larger scale. For those who want to make a difference, have an aptitude for organization, and enjoy leadership positions, a nursing administration degree can make the best choice. An MSN in nursing administration can help them achieve their goals and make the most of their nursing skills. Nurses choose this kind of degree for many reasons, and below are some of the most common.

4 Reasons to Pursue an MSN in Nursing Administration

Why Pursue an MSN in Nursing Administration 1

Maximize Your Leadership Potential

Nursing administrators do a lot of “big picture” work. Instead of working directly with patients, nursing administrators oversee teams of nurses. They make major decisions, oversee budgets, and manage communication. Obviously, this kind of job appeals to natural-born leaders who want to use those skills daily.

An MSN in nursing administration is an excellent way to maximize your leadership potential. The degree teaches leadership skills as well as advanced nursing skills, and students learn what it takes to oversee teams and keep things running smoothly. As a nurse administrator, a lot of your workplace’s culture will depend on you. When an environment has caring and effective leaders, those who work under those leaders can thrive. It’s a big responsibility, but for those who are suited for it, that responsibility provides excitement and a sense of importance.

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Nursing Administration Offers a Change of Pace

“I don’t want to quit nursing, but I do need something different.”

Does the above sentence sound familiar? Many nurses choose this career path to help as many people as possible. However, after years on the job, the physical demands take a toll. Some nurses take time off, and others look for alternate careers. Still, others know that they don’t want to leave nursing completely, even if their current job doesn’t have the same satisfaction that it’s always had.

If you fall into that final category, nursing administration may provide the change of pace you need. If you take this route, you can stay a part of the nursing profession. However, you would take on different responsibilities. You could stay with the career you fell in love with but avoid many of the things that make this career taxing. 

Many nursing administration professionals enjoy the office environment. They often find that this career offers more flexibility for balancing work and family life.

Increased Salary

Nursing administrators have a great job outlook and excellent salary potential. The United States still has a high demand for nurses, thanks to a lot of factors. And just like the demand for general nurses, the demand for nursing administrators also remains high.

With high demand comes better salary potential. And because nurse administrators have more responsibilities, they can expect better salaries than many of their colleagues. An MSN in nursing administration can open a lot of financial doors.

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Why Pursue an MSN in Nursing Administration 3

Make the Most of Your Organizational Skills

All nurses need organizational skills, of course. The organization helps nurses provide the best patient care. However, most nurses need personal and organizational skills. Nurse administrators need large-scale organization.

Some nurses want to stretch their skills to new levels and know they can handle the increased need to stay organized. If you’re the kind of person who likes keeping things organized, a nursing administration degree can help you make the most of your natural gifts.

And as a nurse administrator, your gifts will still help ensure that patients get the best care. The more organized the organization, the more every nurse in that organization can thrive. And when nurses thrive, their patients thrive, too.

Considering an MSN in Nursing?

An MSN degree requires a lot of patience and hard work. Nurses, of course, aren’t afraid of either of those things. If you want to increase your leadership and organization while staying in the nursing profession, an MSN could provide the path you need. Take some time to research and explore your options. If you do choose an MSN, you may find more career satisfaction than ever before.

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