Tips for Effective Online Learning And Time Management

Online courses have opened up a new world of online learning beyond traditional classrooms. It’s great for people who have to juggle many different things besides school. One of the drawbacks of online learning is that it’s hard for students to do time management since there are no set class hours, time limits, or tests. To succeed in an online learning environment, it is crucial to exercise discipline and set aside ample time for studying.

Do you want to finish your degree or build your career skills online? There are many benefits to studying online. That includes cost savings, flexible study plans, and more courses and specializations to choose from.

6 Tips for Effective Online Learning and Time Management

Are you an online student or someone having trouble managing their time? This article has all the necessary information to stay organized and maximize time.

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Pick An Online University That Suits You

Choosing the right university can play a significant role in your academic success. For instance, you should choose a university that aligns with your goals. Make sure the university fits your schedule so you can focus on your studies and still have other things to do.

When picking a university, it’s important to consider some things. You must check the accreditation availability of online programs. Also, how much tuition you’ll have to pay, and if there are any extra-curricular activities.

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Set Your Priorities

Before you begin studying, it is important to ask yourself:

  • Why have you decided to take an online course?
  • What are you going to achieve out of it?
  • How much importance does it hold to you?
  • How much time should you spend studying for it?

Once you’ve answered your questions, it becomes easier to manage your time. Because you know how much you need to focus on your studies over other tasks that need your attention. Once you set your priorities straight, it becomes easier to categorize your everyday to-do list accordingly. And one of the most effective ways to do so is to use the four-quadrant method.

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Remove Distractions

Your smartphone can get in the way of studying if you’re not in a controlled environment like your classroom. Fortunately, every digital device has a focus mode where you can select apps that can cause a distraction and mute them for as long as you want.

Make sure you have a proper place in your home where you can set the right ambiance to help you focus on studying.

Practice Time Blocking

Time blocking is a crucial tool for time management when learning online. The concept of time blocking is to divide your whole day into blocks according to your to-do list. It will depend on how many tasks you must complete for the day.

You should try time blocking, especially if you:

  • Have many distractions throughout the day.
  • Juggle your studies with work.
  • Have many other responsibilities to carry out throughout the day.
  • Have trouble focusing because you are busy replying to emails and messages.

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Overcome Parkinson’s Law

Parkinson’s law suggests that the time required to complete a task will expand to fit the time you set aside. If you have an entire day with no specific schedule or deadlines, completing tasks that usually take an hour may take much longer.

The concept behind this law is that when you have plenty of time, you are more likely to procrastinate and focus on trivial tasks. You might postpone work until the very last minute. But, if you understand and apply Parkinson’s law, you can increase productivity and manage your time effectively.

To overcome this, it is essential to:

  • Set self-imposed deadlines for yourself to complete specific topics in time.
  • Estimate how much time a chapter would take and give yourself that amount of time only.
  • Time yourself so that you are constantly aware of the time left until the end of your deadline, which will prevent you from procrastinating.

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Study Smart, not Hard

Another mistake many students don’t realize they are making is that their study techniques are inefficient, which wastes a lot of their time.

Many students waste time passively reading through pages or highlighting key points in chapters. Unfortunately, this approach is proven to be useless in the long run when it comes to retaining information. It results in spending a lot of time reading through material that will most likely need to be revised multiple times later.

So, wouldn’t it be a good idea to adopt study techniques to help you get the most out of your time studying?

  • Priming: Priming is a study strategy to introduce yourself to a topic before you start studying it. Quickly skim the material you wish to learn and understand what you expect from the subject.
  • Feynman technique: It is the process of simplifying the information you’ve learned so that it’s easy to understand and explain to others.
  • Active recall: After you have learned a new piece of information, you should test yourself on it. An easy way to do it is to close your book and recall the basic ideas of what you’ve just read.
  • Spaced repetition: This is a method of reviewing your study material in spaced intervals. It’s important to check the new info you’ve learned in small chunks, and you can break it up into smaller pieces when you’ve done it enough.


Efficient online study and time management are essential for success in online learning. A well-rounded approach is necessary. That must include structured scheduling, goal planning, reducing distractions, and prioritizing self-care. It can improve productivity and learning outcomes.

When studying online, it’s crucial to stay disciplined and stay organized. Also, you must make sure you have a good learning environment. All these are critical methods for enhancing the online learning experience.

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