Top 7 Most Popular College Degrees

What are the most popular college degrees in 2021? For many high school students, creating a plan for what they want to do for a living and how they will get there can be incredibly stressful if they don’t know where to turn.

To keep the stress at bay — and enjoy your college years — you must understand that you don’t have to figure out everything now. At the same time, you can change your mind, explore your options, and create a new path.

Instead of deciding to do it all at once, start with making one decision or educating yourself on one piece of the puzzle. For example, what do you want to major in during your college years?

7 Most Popular College Degrees

Your options are endless. But, some of the most successful options include:

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If you are interested in going to medical school after your undergraduate years, a pre-med course of study may be the best path for you. Learn more about pre med.


About 19% of all bachelor’s degrees awarded to students in the United States are in business. These degrees help you pursue a wide range of careers, including finance, accounting, and economics.

Social Sciences and History

Are you interested in becoming an anthropologist, political science, or sociology, then this course of study might be the best option for you?

Integrated Marketing

Suppose you are interested in working in the business world or helping organizations build their brand. In that case, integrated marketing communications can help prepare you for how to do everything from learn to write to understand consumer preferences and social media use.


The demand for engineers is projected to increase as the market for renewable energy, and other alternative energy methods continue to grow. In fact, 122,000 students earned their bachelor’s degree in an engineering field in 2017-18.


As mental health concerns rise, more people are turning to psychologists for help. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics proposes that the overall employment of psychologists will grow 3% through 2029, which is about as fast as the average growth rate for all jobs. So, these careers can include everything from private practice to working for public health to inpatient care.

Performing Arts

If you see yourself on the stage or on the big screen, then a degree in performing arts may be the best training you can ask for on your way there. It’s a complicated industry, but you can open your options and opportunities with the proper education.

These are the most popular college degrees you can choose from.

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