Social Anxiety In College Students

Here, we will discuss about what is social anxiety in college students, it’s impact and how to solve this?

Modern society is characterized by crisis phenomena as:

  • The existential vacuum,
  • The spread of despair,
  • Neglect of the principles of humanity, Lowering the level of spirituality,
  • Leveling family traditions.

Public disorientations increase the anxious mood of the population. Among the less protected groups in this situation are children and youth.

The stage of professional development of a young person is a responsible and challenging period during which he must acquire professional knowledge, learn to work independently, acquire special skills. The development of personality, mastering the professionally-oriented activities, learning a new social role, gaining professional experience, etc.; take place in the process of professional development.

However, on the other hand, the period of early adulthood is characterized by several events; that are accompanied by anxious moods, confusing young people. These include:

  • Worries about family and friends,
  • Crisis events in one’s own life,
  • Situations related to educational and professional difficulties,
  • Socio-economic instability in the country, and so on.

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What Is Social Anxiety In College Students and What Are Its Symptoms?

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A college education is closely related to social interaction. Such a phenomenon as social anxiety can also have a severe negative impact on the process of social and emotional adaptation. So, in the quality of life of college students.

Social anxiety is usually called a state of tension, emotional discomfort, anxiety, and various fears about a particular social situation and other people’s assessment. Being in a situation of interaction and communication with other people, college students with high anxiety think that they look funny and that others laugh at them and humiliate them.

However, everyone throughout his life constantly finds himself in situations of the need for contact with other people. The study, work, entertainment, and even travel on public transport are also closely related to communication.

Naturally, it is difficult for a person whose communication situations cause a strong sense of anxiety and discomfort; to cope with everyday activities.

What Are the Consequences of Social Anxiety in College Students?

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It often happens that, due to increased anxiety, the student is really unable to act effectively in the presence of other people. And, as a rule, without any reason, comes to the conclusion that he is being judged.

By avoiding the situation of contact with people, such a student deprives himself of the opportunity to develop his social skills. Also, make sure that he can successfully interact with others.

Social phobia is an extreme manifestation of social anxiety in college students. If social anxiety brings discomfort to a person’s life, then it makes certain situations painful and unpleasant for him.

Social phobia leads to serious maladjustment and often to refusal from activities associated with frightening situations.

Typical symptoms of social phobia include:

  • Acute anxiety;
  • Intense tension;
  • Facial flushing;
  • A lump in the throat;
  • Palpitations;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Nausea;
  • Trembling and weakness in the legs;
  • Inability to concentrate in situations provoking fear.

The primary way out for people who have a social phobia is to avoid situations associated with the likelihood of a negative assessment. So, they avoid performances, meetings with the another gender, parties, which leads to partial or complete social isolation. This severely limits their ability to feel the joys of life and leads to suffering from loneliness.

Coping with Social Anxiety: Valuable Recommendations

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It is essential to know that anyone can successfully overcome any anxiety.

There are some proven ways to deal with this anxiety in college students.

So, the most accessible are work and conversation.

  • Work – any activity that allows using the energy that a person spends on maintaining anxiety in a helpful way.
  • Conversation – a conversation with oneself, with a loved one, a conversation that helps to comprehend the anxiety and get rid of it.

The following guidelines can help deal with social anxiety in college students. The main thing is to put them into practice:

  1. Ask yourself, “What am I worried about?”. Make a list of what worries you. Then go through each point and determine if there is any cause for concern;
  2. If you are worried not for yourself but for your native people, ask yourself, “Does my anxiety help a loved one?”. You will find that there is no reason to worry;
  3. If there is no way to change the situation, then there remains the opportunity to change your attitude towards it. Rely on fate and tell yourself: “Whatever happens, happens for the best”;
  4. Inflate your anxiety like a balloon to unimaginably large sizes, exaggerate it as soon as you can, try to intimidate yourself well. At a specific moment, you will feel funny, the balloon will burst – and the anxiety will disappear;
  5. Try to perceive your anxiety as pleasant excitement, physiologically; these states are in many ways similar;
  6. Relieve anxiety with exercise. Running, long walks, Asian practices, and swimming are especially appropriate;
  7. If the anxiety is chronic, keep a journal detailing your condition and the ways that have helped you feel better. So, reread the diary, making sure that anxiety is like a wave: the tide is always followed by an ebb tide;
  8. Discuss the anxiety with loved ones. So that, they can give you moral support and help you understand how justified your fears are;
  9. Eat well and on time. Increase the amount of natural foods containing B vitamins in your diet;
  10. Get specialized training, for example, on creating confident behavior.


Therefore, excessive social anxiety in college students hinders productive learning activities and complete communication and makes a young person more prone to stress.

Anxiety is a complex, multi-component formation in the structure of the psyche, which often indicates the disharmonious functioning of man. Therefore, there is an urgent need to prevent it in a timely manner, which is within the power of each person.

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