Simple Strategies To Become An IAS Topper

Here, I discuss some simple strategies to become an IAS topper. It is a dream of lakhs of aspirants to see them serving in Indian bureaucracy machinery one day. The tag of an IAS officer is what these candidates are fighting their battles for. Each of the candidates once wants to see himself/herself becoming an IAS topper. Because that is what the craze is all about. The need to serve the country is one way met through getting into All India Services like IAS, IPS, IRS, IFoS, IFS. The recruitment to these services is met through the Civil Services Examination (CSE) conducted under the aegis of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)

How to become an IAS Topper

There are a few characteristics that are visible in the IAS toppers of CSE in the past. These are:

Clarity of the examination

The candidates who eventually become IAS toppers had an extremely clear strategies for the exam. They don’t have a single doubt about any process related to the IAS Exam. Right from the beginning of the application procedure until the very day of the exam, they have a straight head.


These candidates are incredibly diligent and have a never-quit-attitude. They make up their minds to approach the examination with a defined. And self-devised strategy and remain on track until the final stage is done. 


Candidates who remain honest to themselves can be seen as becoming the toppers one day. These are those candidates who don’t fool themselves and their preparation. They know what is needed to clear the exam, and they leave no stone unturned to get there. Right from the syllabus, UPSC books, and their timetable, they are always head-on with their preparation.

 Right strategy

Aspirants who will take the IAS Exam this year should learn from the strategy of the past years’ IAS Toppers. These are the ones who can benefit you. Most of the time, it is seen that one thing is common in all these toppers. And that is the right strategy, and once they zero in upon their strategy, they never turn back. 

SWOT Analysis

It is always suggested to know your enemy before you fight a battle against it. These toppers always know the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats concerning the examination. They prepare themselves accordingly and devise a plan to conquer each step one by one.

Focus and Concentration

These two things are vital aspects of the CSE toppers. It cannot be denied that without these, it is highly probable that the syllabus of the examination cannot be finished. And so can’t be your preparation. 

Acceptance of Failure

Aspirants should know that no such topper hasn’t seen failure in their lives. The lesson to learn from them is to make your failure teaching in your life; and resume from there with full vigor and optimism.

Strategies to become an IAS Topper

Each aspirant who is going to sit for the exam should learn from the characteristics mentioned above. If an aspirant thinks he or she lacks in any sphere; he/she should start working on it, and perseverance in the right direction always bears results.

  • Have a time table and follow it diligently
  • Have a positive attitude before  starting the preparation
  • Also, have time saved for revision and make it often
  • Practice mock tests often and learn from the mistakes
  • Live like an IAS officer and try to dig solutions for your problems.

Once an aspirant practices all these things, it increases the chances of success in the examination. Aspirants should note that UPSC 2020 is on where prelims are scheduled for 4th October. It is the right time to include these tips in your preparation and succeed.

Focus on simply tips:

If you get ready for the IAS exam, you can follow some simple tips to clear the exam; and gain top rank. The aspirants make use of proper study materials that better for preparation.

When to begin preparation:

Almost every candidate spends a little bit of time daily to prepare for the exam. You can prepare at least a year before the exam begins. This is a better way to cover all the syllabus and understand different topics. The candidates know tricks of different topics.

Select the optional subject for UPSC:

The candidates must have high motivation to study and spend extra time before starting preparation. Students must select an optional subject that they interest. Besides, the students are willing to learn a new topic in the desired subject.

  • Must narrow the complete list of the optional subject into three to four subjects maximum which you can follow
  • It is necessary to go through the syllabus from the shortlisted subject.
  • You can estimate academic background and level of knowledge.
  • You can understand the interest in the subject.
  • Must know the pros and cons of every subject.
  • You can select a favorite subject.

NCERT books for preparation:

There are different sources of study materials used for the UPSC exam. You can start essential reading with NCERT textbooks. From this book, all the concepts are explained. NCERT books are highly recommended for IAS preparation. You can use book class VI to class XII for all subjects.

Use test series:

The preparation is never complete without using the mock test for prelims and mains. It serves the primary purpose of brings you a clear idea of what type of question expect in the exam.

How to clear the CSE exam:

Dream of every student to place at the top rank. You can understand the different stages of the exam, like prelims, mains, and interviews. There is keen competition involved in civil service. The candidates approach the right things to complete the exam. CSE is conducted for selecting candidates for this service. Every year, lots of candidates apply for civil service exam and appear for prelims. The aspirants must have to follow long term strategies to clear the IAS exam and become a topper. The candidates start preparation in advance before the exam with proper study materials. Moreover, the dedicated preparation is advantageous for candidates to attain top rank successfully.

Hope you have got the best and simple strategies to become an IAS topper.

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