Is 1 Year Enough for IAS Preparation?

While preparing for the IAS exam, aspirants think about whether 1 year is enough for IAS preparation or not? Let me break it to you that with the proper guidance and the right strategy, one can clear the IAS exam in the first attempt itself. For doing that, it is also essential to manage time and have a solid approach towards studying.

You should check out the syllabus and see what is in store for you in the very beginning. Get a good understanding of the critical topics and books required for the exam. Also, develop a habit of reading the newspaper to keep up with the current events as it is an integral part of the exam.

Is 1 Year Enough for IAS Preparation in 2022?

Is 1 Year Enough for IAS Preparation 1

In preparation for the IAS exam, it is crucial to understand the community of Indian society. Make notes while studying, as they are essential for revising and clearing the IAS exam. IAS preparation changes the viewpoint of the aspirant as per the responsibilities assigned to the IAS officer. Also, check out the last years’ question papers to understand the exam paper format.

Along with all this, it is crucial to devise a study plan and adhere to it. For the IAS exam, one needs to be dedicated and motivated throughout the preparation for the whole year.

Although to also answer this question, one must also consider joining a good IAS coaching institute like The Thought Tree (T3). Then, you will get all the concepts explained thoroughly, answer writing practice, mock tests, interview guidance, mentorship, and much more. The one-year IAS Foundation Course is enough to clear the exam.

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How to Begin the IAS Preparation?

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Study Plan

Getting started is the most challenging part as it is essential to know what to study, when to study and how to study. IAS preparation in 1 year is a union of proper planning, sound strategy, and good quality of study material. Aspirants must devise a suitable plan keeping in mind their capabilities and grasping power.


Aspirants must refer to the standard NCERT books as they are the foundation for all the topics of the IAS syllabus.

After that, it is crucial to have a holistic approach while preparing for the prelims and mains exam. It means that the aspirant must also remember the descriptive information for the exam during the preparation.


Read the newspaper for one to two hours every day and watch the news as it is crucial for all three stages of the exam. The newspaper offers information about the current events happening worldwide, such as the latest Technology Trends, new government schemes, elections, conferences, and political situations.

The aspirant must understand that they have to prepare for all the relevant topics for the exam. How to study for the IAS exam is a question in all the aspirants’ minds. So, for the IAS exam, current happenings of national and international importance are super important. It is known that the UPSC syllabus is vast, and thus it is crucial to have a study plan. A lot of time goes into collecting information and then making notes and revising. Although now there are a lot of resources available on the internet, you can do it very quickly.

Writing Habit

Practice essay writing as if your life is dependent on it. For finessing writing, one needs to do a lot of practice. While studying 1 year for IAS preparation, make it a habit to write down important points, read about the current happenings, and think about the things happening in the world.

While making notes, make sure that they are in small format and easily readable. In the end stage of the exam, it is crucial to have revision notes handy and in one piece. The revision will be tremendously helpful while recollecting the information in the exam.

Also, adhere to the same study plan developed earlier and be consistent. At one point, it might get boring or cumbersome to keep studying the topics, so it is suggested to keep going on and remember why you started to prepare for the exam in the first place!

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How to Plan Out a Strategy for IAS?

For planning, IAS aspirants should check out the last year’s papers and try to solve them to help evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. After doing that, the aspirants should work on their weak areas and devise a plan.

Is 1 Year Enough for IAS Preparation 2

Aspirants should prepare for the exam so that all the basics of the sections are covered first and, after that, connect it with the current events and their effect on society.

An excellent way to make the most of your precious time is to read the newspaper or a magazine in your spare time. So, consider a break as a golden opportunity to make the most of every moment which comes along the way.

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IAS Exam Syllabus

Here is a list of subjects that are a part of the syllabus of the IAS exam 2022:

  • Economics
  • Environment
  • History
  • Politics
  • Geography
  • International Relations
  • Internal Security
  • Ethics
  • S and T 
General Studies Paper-I  200
General Studies Paper-II200
IAS Prelim Papers

Topics for Paper-I

  • Current events of national and international importance
  • Indian and World Geography-Economic, Physical Geography of India and the World
  • History of India and Indian National Movement
  • General issues on Environmental ecology, Biodiversity, and Climate Change
  • General Science
  • Indian Polity and Governance-Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights Issues
  • Economic and Social Development-Sustainable Development, Demographics, Social Sector Initiatives

Topics for Paper-II

  • Interpersonal skills, including communication skills
  • Logical reasoning and Analytical ability
  • Comprehension
  • Decision making and Problem-solving
  • General mental ability
  • Basic numeracy
  • English Language Comprehension skills (Class X level)

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Modern Indian language  300  
Essay writing250
General Studies–I (History, Geography of the World and Society, Indian Heritage)  250
General Studies –II (Social Justice, Governance, Constitution, Polity and International relations)250
General Studies –III (Economic Development, Bio‐diversity, Technology, Environment, Security and Disaster Management)  250
General Studies –IV (Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude)  250
Optional Subject – Paper 1  250
Optional Subject – Paper 1I  250
IAS Main Papers

Choose a Good IAS Coaching Institute

While preparing for an exam as tricky as IAS, it is best to enroll in a good coaching institute that offers the best learning experience. The coaching institutes have expert faculty with years of experience, and they can guide you in the best possible way.

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IAS Exam Preparation Journey

While preparing for the exam, many changes will occur in your life, routine, and perception of things in life. It will make you notice the various aspects of life. All of the things happening will also teach you to be more helpful and understand the needs of the poor and helpless people.

It will also make you become more responsible and not take things casually. You will become a much better version of yourself after preparing for this exam. How you think of how life’s problems occur and how you can solve them will change you to become a better human. Your outlook and mindset towards life will change drastically. So, just remember that you are not alone in this IAS exam preparation journey; your family, friends, teachers, mentors are with you and are cheering for you to keep your motivation levels high!

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Final Word

So, to wrap it up, I hope that this article was helpful to you. In this article, we discussed “Is 1 Year Enough for IAS Preparation”. So, all these tips can be beneficial for the aspirant to clear the exam in 1 year. A saying goes like this: “Your daily agenda determines the secret of your success.” It means that you should give your 100% effort, be consistent and have dedication towards studying.

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