How To Prepare For Examination In A Smarter Way?

Imagine, you’re in the middle of the busy schooling times. It seems like there you are making yourself available for so many things, like assignments, projects, extracurricular activities, and enjoying all the good times in School. Suddenly you feel exams are coming up, and you have to do good on them. So how should you prepare for examination, so you do better on them?

7 Tips On How To Prepare For Examination In A Better Way

1. Study Consistently to Prepare for Examination

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When you study and prepare for examination, you do not have to learn everything for the very first time. It is easier and faster to remember topics you have already learned than to learn everything completely new just a day or two before the exam. 

After each day of classes, it is a smart idea to take a glance at everything you have learned during the day. Just go through the day’s lectures and rehearse the things learned.

If you do that every day, you give yourself a good chance to remember all the information for a longer time. Definitely, this habit of learning every day will help you in the long run, and It will make your future studying smoother and not a lengthy, time-consuming one.

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2. Find a Good Place for Studying

Find a Good Place for Studying
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The place you choose for the study is important. Choose a place that you can call your study room anytime. It should be available with no distractions. A good place to study in your home.

But Studying at home can also be inconvenient for some, home can be too distracting as it is easy to get occupied by other things. If you find your family members a bit annoying you while studying, get them involved in asking you questions from your study topics.

If you think you can’t study at home, choose a good place away from all the distractions that you felt at home. Moreover, if you choose a place to study similar to an examination hall, that will help you concentrate better on learning.

During the study, you can relate certain topics with your surroundings. If you take the exam in a similar surrounding, you can easily recall this relatedness. For example, if you’re going to write an exam in a classroom, it may help to study in a classroom.

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3. Study in a Group

Study in a Group
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Some people prefer to study in a group with their friends. They tend to study in a group to learn from each other. One may gain the information they lack from the other. You can also gain insights and different strategies to prepare for examination from the other.

On the other side, some people prefer to study alone. They very well know what to study and how to study and prepare for examination. A group can be distracting, particularly if their participants are not very keen on learning.

In that case, they may deviate and engage in other conversations or try to do everything other than study. You’re the only one who knows about your group and yourself the best, so decide either you want to study alone or in a group with your friends.

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4. Implement Best Learning Strategy to Prepare for Examination

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There are several methods you shall implement for best studying. For instance, when studying for an exam preparation, you can do more things, like

  • Reading from textbooks,
  • Reading from lecture notes,
  • Answering exercise questions on the textbook,
  • Answering past examination question papers,
  • Doing assignments,
  • Browsing topics online, and
  • Discussing friends or your teachers and more.

You can also improve your memory with different memory improvising techniques such as mnemonics and visualization.

5. Studying a Small Portion at a Time

Works well for most people than studying a vast number of topics at a time. Because you may feel overwhelmed. If you sit and study a greater number of topics all at a time, and you also may start forgetting what you learn before it stores in your brain. If you study in Small Portions, your brain will get a strong signal to retain the information you read. Furthermore, it would help if you recalled what you study in definite time intervals to give your brain a chance to efficiently store the information.

  • In addition to that, the state of mental being is essential while studying. It has been understood that if you study while intoxicated, you will perform better in the exam if you take the exam while you are inebriated. Similarly, if you study while calm, you will perform better if you take the exam. Ultimately, the sober person will perform better either wise. Thus, and it’s terrific to stay away from alcohol while studying and while taking the exam.

While you may think it is better to spend long hours studying, taking regular breaks from studying improves learning efficiency. You will see yourself more productive and able to concentrate better while studying.

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6. Take Care of Health and Prepare for Examination

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Finally, make sure you consume healthy food and take a good night’s sleep before the exam and always. If you feel there is no enough time to sleep, get to know some time management tips from books or someone good at it so you can learn to manage your time more efficiently.


  • Hydration is important for efficient brain function. Make sure to drink enough water while studying and also during the exams.
  • Eat plenty of brain supplementation food, including almonds, fatty fish, walnuts, and similar foods rich in omega fatty acids.

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7. Plan Ahead and Relax

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  • Plan everything before the examination, things you have to study and keep it ready.
  • Don’t wait till the last minute. Prepare for examination in steady steps.
  • Practice all the previous question papers of the particular examination.
  • Do mock tests to get yourself more accustomed to the pattern of the examination.
  • If you can perform well in the mock tests, there are higher chances for you to do well in the actual examination.

Finally, Relax and Give your exam calmly and smartly with a winner’s mentality. All the Best for your Exams.

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