How to maximize your chances of passing the CAPM exam?

How to maximize your chances of passing the CAPM exam? CAPM is also known as a Certified Associate in Project Management. It validates your skills and knowledge in project management and the usage of best practices in your business recommended by the PMI Institute.

The Project Management Institute is one of the most prestigious institutes of Project Management. It is a very popular certification that helps organizations and recruiters; to find professionals and skilled individuals for a suitable job available in their organization. Moreover, it proves the reliability of the candidate’s skills, knowledge, and experience in managing, developing, and handling critical situations.

Also, it contains multiple choice-based questions. It has a total of 150 questions for you to answer. The time limit for this exam is three hours. This certificate helps showcase the candidate’s skills and knowledge in managing, developing, and running massive projects.

The CAPM® certificate holders are more recognized and get more importance by the recruiters and the company. It also allows for a better job with an increased salary. 

The requirements for CAPM Exam:

  • You must have a secondary diploma or a high school diploma. 
  • You must have 23 hours of education on project management. 

tips to Maximize your chances of passing the CAPM exam:

The Essential Tips For Maximize Your Chance Of Passing The CAPM Exam Are:

How to maximize your chances of passing the CAPM exam 1

Full understanding of the exam structure and content 

The CAPM exam’s first and foremost step is to have a complete understanding of its exam structure and its content. You should be aware of all the contents and their weightage.

The CAPM® Exam content:

  • Introduction to Project Management – 6%
  • Project Environment- 6%
  • Project Integration Manager – 9%
  • Role of the Project Manager – 7%
  • Project Scope Management – 9%
  • Project Cost Management – 8%
  • Project Schedule Management – 9%
  • Project Quality Management – 7%
  • Project Resource Management – 8%
  • Project Risk Management – 8%
  • Project Communication Management – 10%
  • Project Stakeholder Management – 9%
  • Project Procurement Management – 4%

These are all covered in the preparation course and mock questions of the CAPM® exam. The candidates must have a schedule for learning and understanding each of the areas thoroughly. You can also take up online courses to prepare and maximize your chances of passing the CAPM exam. All you need to do is sit back and watch and take the essential notes. Spending time on the online course and those contents will give you the perfect preparation for the exam.

Schedule Time:

To crack the CAPM exam, you need to allot time to all the different areas equally. To completely master each of the sections, you need to give them an equal amount of time. Your schedule must contain learning the basics, solving sample questions, and practicing. It would help if you also took mock exams to thoroughly understand and identify your mistakes. Also, to improve your weak areas. The mock exam score will help you show your weak areas that you can work on later.

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Exam scheduling 

You need to book the exam after confirming that you have done all the necessary preparations. It might be risky to book an exam without being confident in your preparation. You need to understand where you stand and what you need to complete before the exam. Also, try to understand how many hours and how much efforts will you need for maximizing the chances of passing the CAPM exam. It is always a great idea to spend more time preparing and being utterly confident before appearing an exam.

Exam format

The CAPM® exam contains multiple choice-based questions. A total of 150 questions appear in the exam. Out of 150, 15 questions are considered pre-test questions as they are used for future tests. Although you will not be informed about the 15 questions in advance. So, to maximize your chances for passing CAPM exam, you need to answer all the questions thoughtfully. Every multiple-choice question answered correctly will award with one point each. It does not have a system for negative marking. There are no negative marking system for incorrect answers. The time limit for the exam is three hours.

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It is crucial to complete the preparation of PMBOK. It is essential to keep enough time to read PBOK. The candidates must have a good knowledge of PMBOK.

Project Management field is evolving rapidly. The demand for project managers is increasing in almost every industry. There has been a recent hike in the job responsibilities making the post more flexible. The CAPM® certification can help the recruiters and the organizations to find and recruit professionals and skilled individuals. CAPM ® certification also guarantees an increase in your salary and provides you with various job opportunities. Hence, CAPM® can be a perfect way to advance and better your career.

These are some of the ways which can maximize your chances of passing the CAPM exam. With extensive handwork and proper time allocations to the various topics, you can pass the CAPM® certification examination.

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