How The Security Of The Online Examination Can Be Boosted?

 Adoption of online examinations across all the educational institutions and corporate organizations is increasing day by day. Nowadays the concept of the proctored exam has become a great technology-related simple task. The security of online examination associated with the whole concept is the biggest feature; which makes it highly popular among all.

Using any of the technology-related with any of the subject; or topic is considered being the best way of getting most out of it. This is the primary reason universities and corporate entities are shifting their focus from traditional systems to modern systems. It can easily achieve to the modern ones with the help of digital assessment; so that administrative activities can be simplified and overall goals.

 The best part of all in examination is that they are provide complete freedom to the people to appear; in the examination from any of the location depending upon their interest and flexibility related things. The online examination helps to make sure that there is a complete opportunity for the candidates; to examination with no malpractices so they can increase their knowledge base significantly.

On the other hand, the examination can also help in making clear that everything is perfectly implemented; and people can provide the institution with the content which they like. Hence, malpractices will be significantly reduced throughout the process.

Following are some ways to enhance the security factor of the online examination:

 Going with the option of video proctoring is the best way to deal with security-related aspects of the online examinations. We can term the proctoring as the supervising and monitoring of the examination activity in real-time and in this way in the cases of online proctoring; the individual who will be the proctor will sit and observing the whole thing from a remote location. This provides the opportunity to the people to investigate from the remote locations; and ensure integrity and security of the online examination.

The whole concept is based upon streaming of recorded videos so that security can be enhanced; and they base it upon utilization of Web camera, which is mounted on the computers of the candidates. The video proctoring is the best in terms of online examinations. The candidates have to complete the formalities of entering their data so that verification can be completed; and they can have access to the examination.

Image Proctoring:

The concept of image proctoring is also very much important to enhance the security aspect of the online examinations. Image-based proctoring can be termed as the light in weight online proctoring system; as it can also be very much successful even if the internet connectivity is fluctuating.

It will capture the images at the time of appearing for the examination, and the proctor can analyze them; at the later stages to make sure that everything has been securely undertaken. It is will be captured in the set of approximately 60-90 images depending on the time and duration of the examination; which will help to provide grid mode of support to the proctor at the time of analyzing the candidate and his or her performance.

Hence, with implementing this concept, the suspicious activity of cheating will be very well eliminated from the whole concept.

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Facial Recognition:

The concept of facial recognition is another way of boosting the security aspect associated with online examination. With the advancements in artificial intelligence-related technology; the concept of facial recognition and touch-based sensors has been very much successful in boosting the security aspect of the online examinations.

Hence, all the malpractices can be dealt with accordingly and the complete software will always help to make sure that; the artificial intelligence-related system will work as a bridge between the online examination process and security.

The process will always remain the same, but it will significantly enhance the security features; with implementing artificial intelligence-related facial recognition technology. It will compare the faces of candidates who are appearing for the examination with the ID card; and proof submitted by them so that everything can be observed easily.

It will also generate a full-fledged a report that will help to provide a complete analysis of the situation; and will keep the examinations hundred percent free from all kinds of malpractices.

Audio Proctoring:

Going with the audio proctoring is another good way to deal with malpractices; and enhance the security aspect of the online examination. It is a great measure to consider at the time of implementing the online examination. This system will be very much successful in recording the voice, noise and sound from the environment; in which the remote candidate is sitting and appearing for the examination.

Fair chances will be that everything will be undertaken perfectly, and this proctoring solution will help; to make sure that the entire process is a hundred percent free from error. It can record even the slightest deviations in the terms of sound waves with this concept; which makes it highly successful among the universities and corporate entities.

Hence, the proctor will be very much successful in wisely analyzing and identifying the malpractices throughout the process.

Security of Browsers:

The security of browsers can be significantly successful to boost the security feature of online examinations. We consider this to be a great preventive mechanism that allows the users to open additional browsers; specifically for conducting the examination activity.

It will help in making sure that everything you undertake in a safe environment with good internet connectivity; and it easily achieves overall goals with an outrageous amount of security and integrity throughout the process.

It will ever allow the candidates to open any of the other tabs, and the controller will have the complete authority of suspending the examination; in case they find any of the malpractice.


Hence, there are several ways of enhancing the securities of online examination, but the best one depends upon the situation and the company which implements the proctoring solution so that it can easily achieve overall goals regarding the features and capabilities of the organizations.

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