Top 5 Cyber Security Career Options

What are the different cyber security career options for cyber security degree holders? As, cyber security is a critical profession that protects electronic systems such as computers, mobile devices, and other data-based platforms, including servers and networks, from being invaded by attackers. The attackers always target sensitive information such as personal details, bank account numbers, and other important details without the owner’s permission.

Cyber security has a broad and diverse context, with different categories:

  • Network security,
  • Application security,
  • Information security, and
  • Operational security.

5 Different Cyber Security Career Options

Consequently, there are many cyber security courses for people who may want to pursue cyber security. Some cyber security career options have been discussed below.

Top 5 Cyber Security Career Options For Cyber Security Degree Holders 3

Cyber Security Architect

One of the top cyber security career options is the cyber security architect. Cyber security architecture plays a vital role in designing various security components that lead to innovations of new security systems. Besides, they ensure that the launched security systems promote business objectives and requirements.

Amazingly, the cyber security architecture is equipped with business skills and technical skills. So, the expertise enables them to perform a broad extent of procedures and an objective of each skill and how they should carry it out.

Surprisingly, this job profession requires a lot of knowledge on different security systems and how to fulfill company needs with integrity, availability requirements, and confidentiality. Moreover, some of the skills that cyber security architect provides include;

  • Researching and designing security features for information and technology projects.
  • Following on the current cyber security threats, tools, and effective countermeasures.
  • Using and developing security components that protect an organization’s information like cryptography.
  • Working with other software developers, engineers, and companies to innovate new, efficient tools that address current business needs.

Security Administration

Top 5 Cyber Security Career Options For Cyber Security Degree Holders 2

Cyber security administrators are skilled in performing a wide range of tasks like:

  • Managing organizations’ security systems,
  • Surveying security progress,
  • Forensic analysis,
  • Detecting insecurity occurrences, and
  • Responding to incidents of insecurity.

So, cyber security administrators require in-depth knowledge on matters like security readiness and incident response.

These skills also enable the experts to prevent insecurity occurrences and develop efficient methods to mitigate vulnerable attacks and threats from potential intruders.

Some of the responsibilities of a cyber-administrator include;

  • Monitoring network traffic for illegal activities.
  • Safeguarding network vulnerabilities.
  • Protecting systems against potential intruders.
  • Implementing network security policies such as access control strategies and application security modifications.
  • Training and showing other employees security awareness and best procedures to follow.
  • Providing support to security components like anti-virus software.

Scrum Master

In the modern world, innovations are born from diversity and collaboration from different people or parties. Therefore, a scrum master is a project management framework designed to promote togetherness, cleverness, and continuous learning among teams leading to more significant innovations.

Amazingly, these techniques are used mainly by software developers, who incorporate sprint sessions in their workforce.

  • Through sprint sessions, teams get a chance to develop and produce a product.
  • The product is then analyzed with stakeholders.
  • Finally, the necessary modification is done in the next sprint session having the best outcome.

Consequently, scrum masters usually play the role of project managers by coaching teams on different areas and promoting the project’s progress.

Despite the scrum masters being flexible, they are always dedicated to the framework values and practices.

For scrum masters to enhance productivity, so, they always head sprint meetings, consult stakeholders on various issues and prepare reports.

Some of the critical skills for a scrum master comprise of:

  • Strong leadership and efficient communication skills.
  • Endurance in working under stressful environments like meeting tight deadlines and faster turnaround times.
  • Problem-solving skills and agile critical thinking.
  • Strong attention to detail to address all possible needs.
  • Sharp planning skills like estimation skills and excellent conflict resolution.

Marketing Executive

Top 5 Cyber Security Career Options For Cyber Security Degree Holders 1

Market executives are trained to perform various duties, including:

  • Supervising,
  • Planning,
  • Leading, and
  • Looking for trending promotional trade items.

Therefore, marketing executives are constantly traveling to attend business shows to associate with new customers and search for trending products and networks.

They also participate in business-oriented meetings where they collect new trading ideas.

Some of the skills include:

  • Marketing management.
  • Online marketing.
  • Marketing communications.
  • Social media marketing, among others.

Content Manager

Content managers are crucial service providers who monitor creative marketing information used in social media channels, websites, and promotional campaigns. Also, content managers ensure the brand’s theme, style, and tone are used and made consistent through written and multimedia content.

These professionals also work under time management strategies to manage multiple deadlines, schedules, and projects of different ranges. They also direct teams, such as:

  • Freelancers,
  • On style rules,
  • Performance metrics, and
  • Staying informed of the new targets.

Some of the skills required are;

  • Basic management skills for projects.
  • Creative ideas that lead to innovation.
  • In-depth understanding of social media.
  • Excellent writing skills like proofreading.
  • Marketing expertise, among others.


There are so many cyber security career options that are fascinating, with many job career opportunities. The profession also provides a wide range of cyber security career options to achieve their career goals.

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