How to Sell on Amazon? is a digital marketplace, a platform for online shopping that permits individuals to purchase or sell various types of products, both new and used. Amazon backs and boosts small to medium-sized companies by helping them enhance sales and engage with new customers.

The company creates jobs and investments to millions of people since its establishment.

Amazon makes a positive and lasting impact on their clients to encourage them to champion causes they very much care about.


  • Make a proper decision on what you want to sell on Amazon.

There are two product categories for selling on Amazon.

(1) Products listed without specific permission on Amazon and

(2) Products listed with specific permission that require approval. Sellers with products listed in the second category have a professional selling plan subscription. This is done to ensure that sellers meet the standard and quality of the products they wish to sell.

If you meet all the requirements specified by Amazon, use the contact us form and request for approval.

Fill up the Form and Submit it.

You will receive an email from Amazon within three working days notifying you of your approval or any additional information required.

  • Select a selling plan and sell on Amazon

Individual Amazon sellers can list products in more than 20 categories and pay $0.99 for any item sold. They do not pay a monthly fee.

Professional sellers sell an unlimited number of products. They pay $39.99 as a monthly subscription fee.

  • Register to start listing and sell on Amazon

Create an account on seller central, the web interface maintains your list and manage your selling account.

Step 1

Provide details of your business, bank account and tax information.
Then set up a store on Amazon.
Register and list through easy to use listing tools provided

Promote your products through advertisement using Amazon sponsored products.
You will get free impressions for your offers, and you get paying when your ad is clicked.

Step 2

Thousands of customers can view your product/s as soon as your online store goes live. There is an easy to use management dashboard where you can see and manage when you receive an order. Through the same dashboard, you will track your account performance.

Step 3

Amazon will pick your product to be sold through an Amazon Easy ship and deliver it straight to the customer. Alternatively, you can upgrade to Fulfillment by Amazon where you store your inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers. The Amazon picks your products and ships them directly to the customers.

It is a fast, stress-free shipping and a first class experience.

Step 4

After the customer has received his order, your payment is deposited directly into your bank account within seven days. Amazon only deducts a fee after a sale is complete and you have received your payment.

Step 5

Amazon will help you and expand your business by giving you tips and suggestions to boost performance and sales.

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