How To Make Money With WhatsApp – Most Effective Methods

Can you make money with WhatsApp? Why not? After all, Facebook bought this service years ago, and I can assure you that Zuckerberg does not buy anything like that just because, and less when that purchase costs him more than 19,000 million dollars. Incredible huh?

So if Zuckerberg paid such an extraordinary amount to acquire WhatsApp; how does he expect to make money with this application?

There has to be some method for Facebook to make money with WhatsApp. Also, the key is that if Facebook can make money, that means that we, individual entrepreneurs, can do it too.

First, we are going to see how WhatsApp makes money. Because the truth is that those of us who have used the application until now have never seen a way in which the service can make money. All we’ve seen is free use of a tremendous messaging service that doesn’t bother us with advertisements. So let’s know how you can make money with WhatsApp.

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How to make money with WhatsApp for free?

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If you have noticed, all these methods to earn money with this application seem to be free. So, we do not need to invest money, something to put back many potential entrepreneurs who do not have liquidity.

This is the right thing about the application, which is free and with which we can communicate with people, share affiliate links, or blog links in WhatsApp Groups without paying anything.

We only have to have money to pay for the mobile line or the internet at home. If we have that, there is no limit to the amount of communication we can do on WhatsApp.

That free service is the real value of the company.

Then, the simplest ways to make money, such as virtualized content, link shorteners, and so on; we can exploit without investing money.

It is also true that we should not expect to make a lot of money from these free ways to make pasta.

On the other hand, if we want to make money more seriously with WhatsApp; we will have to invest in creating a more reliable online presence until we try to finish. If possible, by offering your own product. For this, you already have to invest some money in creating a reasonably professional website. Also, you must have the skills to sell high-value things to our potential clients.

Although almost all of this can be done for free, the result will be far from creating.

For example, a professional e-commerce website; for which we will have to pay money if we want it to look truly professional.

The good thing about this is that you don’t need large investments to get into the world of websites and online products. A few hundred dollars or dollars will be enough to get started. Over time you can invest much more, of course, but for starters, those amounts can do wonders.

Think that this has nothing to do with the old way of doing business that required hiring tens of thousands of dollars to buy merchandise and rent a place.

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Best ways to make money with WhatsApp

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So let’s know some best ways to make money with WhatsApp.

Make money with your blog

Well, with a way to communicate instantly with our potential clients.

In many countries, especially Spanish speakers, WhatsApp is possibly the most used messaging application. It is something we have on our mobile and that we are looking at all the time.

If you have a website that provides some services, you can likely benefit from communication with your customers through WhatsApp.

I don’t know, think of different ways to communicate with clients.

It would be a way to communicate our news with our potential customers live.

It can also be a way of contact in live or deferred chat to answer essential questions. I would recommend using the WhatsApp web since we can write much faster and serve more people. You know, typing with ten fingers is faster than with 2 or 3.

The key here is that you have developed a good website about something and have some way of making money on it. Either through advertising, third-party products (affiliates), or your products (ideal).

If you can reach a critical mass of users who use that website; then you can start making serious money, believe me.

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How does this work?

Well, we find a company specialized in it, such as; then we send those shortened links to our list of followers; and the more they click on the link, the more money you can earn.

This is a way to earn money with WhatsApp that you like a lot, but that is not my favorite, of course.

The truth is that it can seem a bit spam. After all, why would I want to be in a group that is continually sending me links that do not interest me? Another thing would be if the links were precious, but this is not always the case.

I think there are better ways to earn money with this application.

Make Money Promoting Affiliates With WhatsApp

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This method is the same everywhere:

  • We get a product or service that interests a niche of people. For example, something about diets
  • We sign up on the corresponding website in the affiliate system
  • And, we get the link they have on that website
  • We started to share that link on our WhatsApp network strategically, ideally
  • When someone buys the service or product after using that link, the company will pay us a commission. Some pay quite massive commissions

Become a WhatsApp marketer

This is almost unknown today, but over time it could well become a real mine. Remember that the best opportunities usually occur in markets that have not been exploited.

Despite being in the making, you can already see WhatsApp experts are responsible for offering a business promotion on their channels, especially in Anglo-Saxon circles. I imagine it is only a matter of time before this reaches the Latin American market.

Make More Money With WhatsApp Business

If you have a particular size company, we can dedicate a person to manage our WhatsApp profile. This is when you already have many customers, or perhaps few if we are talking about a service with significant added value.

Best of all, it is a free app, so even if you are a small business or an individual, you could check it out if it suits you. You never know.

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