Top 7 Trends In SEO And Digital Marketing For Nonprofits

What is digital marketing? It’s the promotion of brands on the internet to connect with potential clients. It makes marketing easy and inexpensive, enabling brands to reach clients in any part of the world. Digital marketing enables organizations to get an ROI and enhance brand awareness by capitalizing on trends. It also leads brands towards improved consumer engagements and an established market authority. Like many startups, nonprofits don’t have the cash to spend on SEO and digital marketing. They’re more focused on addressing a social cause than maximizing profits. They’re always looking for ways to attract donors, supporters, and volunteers. This is done by creating awareness about their mission and work.

A well-planned nonprofit marketing campaign can help nonprofits reach the right audience. PPC marketing, for instance, enables nonprofits to gain higher visibility on search engines. It increases their outreach, traction, and impact.

So what is PPC management?

PPC is an acronym for pay-per-click. PPC marketing is a widespread paid search advertising used to drive traffic to a website. Moreover, PPC services enable marketers to reach their clients through paid search advertising.

Top 7 SEO and Digital Marketing Trends for Nonprofits 1

The adoption and use of digital marketing trends and SEO are very beneficial. It enables you to talk with your clients, donors, answer questions, and resolve issues.

But, what is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s a digital marketing tool that improves the quality and quantity of website traffic. The two types of SEO optimization are off-page SEO and on-page SEO; and they’re both aimed at making a website more user-friendly.

SEO marketing looks at the following considerations:

  • How search engines work.
  • What internet users search for.
  • The actual search keywords.
  • The target audience prefers search engines.

Are you wondering what SEO marketing is? It’s the process of merging on-page and off-page strategies for successful marketing. So how can nonprofits improve SEO?

  • By publishing relevant and authoritative content
  • Updating content more often
  • Ensuring their website is link-worthy

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Let’s now take a look at some of the SEO and digital marketing trends to look out for as a nonprofit.

Top 7 SEO and Digital Marketing Trends for Nonprofits 2

Influencer Marketing

Digital marketers believe that it’s through influencers that consumers connect with brands. Influencer marketing creates traffic that’s of high quality and more targeted.

Note that influencers have an emotional connection with their followers. They also have a large and very active following on social media; which is why they are the best client engagement tools.

Make sure to choose an influencer whose values align with your values and organizational mission. They also need to share honest and trustworthy opinions and experiences about your organization.

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Video Content

While uploading videos, nonprofits must ensure the videos are on high resolution. Avoid using low-resolution videos and images.

There are state-of-the-art tools that you can use to come up with high-quality videos or images. If doubtful of how to go about it, an organization can get an SEO consultant to help them.

In most cases, uploaded videos play a significant role in captivating the audience’s attention. The following are some of the advantages that come with using video content:

  • It creates more traffic
  • It converts visitors into your products consumers
  • Also, it improves the user experience and inspires people to spend more time on your site.

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Embracing New Technologies

There have been donor-driven innovations since digital marketing hit the nonprofit marketing world. Due to the need for transparency and automation, nonprofits have risen at an alarming speed. Thus, nonprofits must understand the value that new technologies bring.

Modern technologies such as content management platforms are worth considering. This is the case for nonprofits that understand the importance of effective communication.

Using the right technologies helps to capture donor information.

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Design and Develop Your Website

Seek the help of web design services from a reputable web design company in developing your site. But what is web design? It’s the creation of websites that get displayed on the internet.

A website reflects an organization’s brand and optimizes code for search engines. You must make it easy for search engines and visitors to read your content. Thus, nonprofits must optimize their URLs to ensure they’re SEO friendly. Understand that if you can’t read your URL, neither can search engines.

A nonprofit’s website must also have a well-written meta description. That’s because it shows up with the URL, and it’s an essential decider of clicks.

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AI Voice Search Optimization

AI voice search is growing in popularity through smartphone tools like Siri. The voice search technology enables you to search by asking questions on your device.

You might have to change your SEO strategies when using voice search as a nonprofit. That’s because people use different words when speaking compared to when typing.

For instance, voice search questions tend to be longer with a natural language. So, you must include SEO strategies with voice search characteristics in search marketing.

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Email Marketing

The number of email users is hoped to continue growing. Email marketing can lead to an outstanding return on investment. User-generated content like client feedback and testimonials helps nonprofits to get credibility, and it also helps to improve engagements.

Calls-to-action and surveys conducted via emails help to increase responses to campaigns. In addition, email marketing enhances data-driven and effective marketing campaigns. The email marketing trends to look out for include:

  • Data analytics
  • Automation
  • Personalization

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Private Messaging and Chatbots

Direct interaction with donors is a digital marketing trend to look out for. With the information gained from AI interaction, marketing can strengthen those growing relationships and attract new donors.

Private messaging apps like Whatsapp enable you to open up direct individual dialogue. You can inform donors about upcoming events or results from that monetary contribution. They can ask questions, and an exchange of ideas can also happen. This helps to build trust in the digital marketing world.

It makes donors feel more involved and connected to a nonprofit organization; and it gives them the confidence to reach you and provide or get specific responses.

You understand the different aspects that make up your audience through direct communication; which helps improve your digital marketing strategies in general.

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People conduct millions of searches on Google every day; and research shows that about 33 percent of clicks belong to the first ranking website on a SERP. So, why wouldn’t a nonprofit want to take advantage of SEO and digital marketing trends?

Note that digital marketing trends for nonprofits are constantly evolving. As such, marketing departments must keep themselves updated on what’s happening, enabling them to react to the changes on time.

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