6 Top Marketing Channels That Your Brand Needs To Focus On

There are several marketing channels, including social media marketing, influencer marketing, and email marketing. For added convenience, there is a plugin for everything. Plugins are software codes serving as additions that render customization for your applications, websites, and programs.

The internet has made digital marketing the new paradigm for pandering to audiences. It is incredibly easy for businesses and brands to reach their target audiences. Go to any marketing agency, and you will learn about sublime marketing channels.

Getting online is no longer an exception but rather the mandate. To make your digital marketing strategy impactful, it is paramount for businesses to get on with the top marketing channels of today.

Marketing Channels Your Brand Need To Focus On

6 Top Marketing Channels That Your Brand Needs To Focus On 1

Social Media

When it comes to marketing channels, social media is this invincible magnate.

All your current customers and prospects are on it in some way or the other.

It is the go-to place for people to research brands that interest them.

However, the testament for social media marketing runs on relationship building.

There is an emphasis on generating value through community-building; master this, and the sky’s the limit for Return on Investment or ROI.

Quite a few businesses have leveraged social media and created masterstroke campaigns using wit and humor or jumping on trending hashtags. For instance, KFC, the fast-food giant, had run into supply chain issues in October 2017.

The losses were voluminous and amounted to £1 million loss in revenues daily. Humour and wit stemmed from clever wordplay and saved the day for KFC.

Additionally, Hyundai, the South Korean automobile giant, leveraged the hashtag game through the #DarkSelfieChallenge campaign to promote sustainability and environmental conservation.

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Email Marketing

6 Top Marketing Channels That Your Brand Needs To Focus On 2

Nowadays a wide range of services and tools will help you make the entire process from email verification, building an email list and even personalization much more effective and easier.

Emails have been relevant since the inception of the internet. They are still an integral part of the digital marketing gambit.

It makes for the most effective way to fulfill direct response marketing.

They are excellent for informing users about the latest products, news, and sales.

When using email marketing, companies should ensure to make their emails as personalized as possible. The reason is that email marketing is complex.

Secondly, the number of business and consumer emails sent and received daily in 2019 was about 293 billion.

By the end of 2023, the figure is forecasted to cross 347 billion. Thirdly, email marketing should be short, crisp, and direct, like when copywriting content. Also, the subject line and the Call to Action or CTA are the most vital aspects.

To augment your reach using email marketing, Hubspot is an excellent plugin for your business. Another plugin for email marketing is Newsletter.

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Word-of-Mouth Marketing

6 Top Marketing Channels That Your Brand Needs To Focus On 3

Back in the pre-Internet days, word-of-mouth marketing was the primary source for business and brand-building.

It is, however, prevalent even today, but the mechanics are different.

The digital version of word-of-mouth marketing stems from the advent of customer reviews and ratings.

Be it a book, an accessory, a gadget, movie, ratings, and reviews are the defining parameters across industries.

The over-zealous sales personnel are pretty much overhyped today. But, if a decent number of ratings and reviews from users suggest its benefits and features, it is likely to garner more credibility among prospects.

The two methods that encourage word-of-mouth marketing are referral programs and reviews and ratings. Several online platforms such as Yelp and LinkedIn render referral programs and encourage online reviews.

When it comes to plugins, WP Review Pro is an excellent option for conglomerates companies as the plugin supports 14 types of rich snippets. The rating system includes the star, percentage, points, thumbs up, and circle.


Podcast Marketing


A recent addition to the digital marketing gambit, podcast marketing is highly effective as it creates opportunities for brands to pander with the audiences through storytelling.

Storytelling is a powerful tool that renders relatability resonating with emotions.

People are always on the lookout for captivating stories and narratives.

YouTube, a video-sharing platform, is an excellent place for businesses to build podcasts around their product line.

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Influencer Marketing

With the burgeoning following and eyeballs garnered on Instagram, influencer marketing is the new thing today.

Influencer marketing is where brands join forces with social media influencers and content creators for advertisements and specific content pieces.

About 71% of marketers say that traffic generation through influencer marketing supersedes other ad formats.

According to a Forbes article, the three top tips for brands when contemplating influencer marketing are:

  • Brands should regard credibility and trust as the top priorities when seeking influencers.
  • Businesses must do a comprehensive study on Return on Investment and other metrics.
  • Companies should be wary about potential frauds through false claims and promises.

Influencer marketing is incredibly impactful when fulfilling marketing goals of brand awareness.

Another standout aspect of influencer marketing is that it is a type of user-generated content.

With that said, it is excellent for ‘infotainment’ – a portmanteau of information and entertainment.

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Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is where businesses use several marketing channels to maximize their brand awareness and credibility.

Doing so offers tremendous sales and revenue potential. The reason is that customers and users are across platforms, including social media networks.

Think of it as a thread that expands into a spider web. A profound way of making the most of omnichannel marketing is using plugins.

Renowned brands such as Disney, Starbucks, and Chipotle have already embraced omnichannel marketing for brand-building.

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The internet has made digital marketing the new paradigm for pandering with audiences, such that the online world is both chaotic, yet convenient.

Brands and businesses can easily reach and pander their audiences using online digital marketing tools. Additionally, many plugins help with analytics and insights.

Plugins are software codes serving as additions that render customization for your applications, websites, and programs.

With that said, the top marketing channels that brands and businesses should leverage to put themselves out there are social media, email, word-of-mouth, podcast, and influencer.

Additionally, brands should consider adopting omnichannel marketing.

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