5 Result-Focused Marketing Strategies For Self-Storage Facility Owners To Get Max ROI

When it comes to result-focused marketing strategies and promotions, things can get stressful pretty quickly. Sure, you will treat your self-storage facility as any other business-to-community company out there, but know this; the self-storage marketplace is highly competitive, and investors worldwide are constantly investing a high amount of money into it.

Marketing your self-storage isn’t a one-time effort. After all, customer turnover will likely increase over time; and utilizing effective marketing techniques is the way to go to keep your existing customers happy and attract new ones.

But, how will you know if the marketing techniques you’re using provide you the best bang for your buck? 

5 Result-Focused Marketing Strategies for Self-storage Facility Owners

5 Result-Focused Marketing Strategies For Self-Storage Facility Owners To Get Max ROI 1

Without the help of the result-focused marketing strategies; you will struggle to swim with the big sharks if you don’t take the necessary steps. With that in mind, let us look at a few result-focused marketing strategies that provide you with max ROI.

Moreover, they will also allow you to increase your self-storage business’s reach, attract more renters; and improve your reputation as a self-storage service provider in today’s challenging self-storage marketplace.

Self-storage SEO

The word SEO sends a chill down the spine of storage facility owners. Why? Well, there is a particular mystery surrounding SEO, and most self-storage facility owners probably don’t have the time; or patience to incorporate a successful SERP strategy into their overall marketing efforts. 

5 Result-Focused Marketing Strategies For Self-Storage Facility Owners To Get Max ROI 2

But, don’t be confused by SEO, as there are two ways you can utilize this self-storage marketing technique to your advantage; On-site and Off-site SEO. 

Typically, off-site SEO is based upon how other websites link to yours. A few years ago, google ranked your website higher if many other websites linked back to it.

However, the algorithm that does this is a little complex now. It focuses more on better quality backlinks than high volume. 

As far as On-site SEO goes, it includes determining keywords that your target audience searches for. After finding these keywords, you will have to incorporate them into your website to signal Google; that your website is relevant for a particular search string.

In the end, if you’re in the self-storage game for the returns or you’re a self-storage facility owner managing everyday operations; leaving SEO to the experts is a better idea to ensure that you take advantage of off-site and on-site SEO. 

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PPC Advertising

While SEO allows you to attract a broad range of customers organically and without spending a single penny; it is wise to leverage some inbound traffic as well. And one way to achieve this is through PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising.

After all, more traffic leads to more storage units being rented, right? What’s more, Google allows you to utilize PPC through its Adwords Programs; enabling you to make your way to the top ten of the SERP rankings.

That said, PPC programs usually come at a price; and you have to pay a dollar expense every time a potential customer clicks on your advertisement.

Furthermore, you can incorporate PPC adverts on Facebook as well. That said, the best thing about Facebook PPC ads is that it is comparatively cheaper than Google’s AdWords program. Moreover, you can create Facebook PPC adverts according to interests, age, gender, location, and much more.

Suppose you know about your target customer base. In that case, Facebook is the way to go. in the end, PPC campaigns are immensely effective if you know; what to do because they give you the best marketing ROI than any other marketing strategy out there. 

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5 Result-Focused Marketing Strategies For Self-Storage Facility Owners To Get Max ROI 3

Email Marketing

One of the most fruitful, if not the best, result-focused marketing strategies for self-storage facilities is email marketing, as you can utilize it free of charge. The only thing you need to do is acquire your existing and potential customers’ email addresses; before putting your email marketing campaign into effect. 

You can easily acquire your customers’ email addresses by ensuring that you incorporate effective CTAs(Call-To-Actions); on your self-storage business website that asks for their contact details.

This will give you the data you need for your email marketing campaigns. Your email marketing campaigns must include coupons, deals, offers, and newsletters about your self-storage services.

After all, when you offer your customers excellent discounts and promotions; which they can view right from their email inboxes, they will find it challenging to ignore them. 

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Social Media Marketing

One of the most valuable result-focused digital marketing strategies, social media marketing; provides you with an easy way to reach a broader target audience online. This is the case because social media acts as a bridge between your customers and your self-storage facility; providing you with a platform to share content with millions of active online users. 

Furthermore, you can utilize social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as an extension of your general online marketing strategy; to share helpful articles related to self-storage, post images of your storage facility; and allow your followers to remain up-to-date with the latest offers and promotions.

In the end, the possibilities are endless if you utilize the right social media marketing strategy!

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Referral Programs

A referral program is one of the most potent strategies you can utilize to attract and build a large renter base. It is also a driving force behind every word-of-mouth marketing campaign.

5 Result-Focused For Self-Storage Facility Owners To Get Max ROI 4

For instance, you can offer one rent-free month to an existing customer who successfully refers your self-storage facility to new customers. Do this, and you will see online inquiries and inbound calls shoot through the roof!

However, before you create a referral program, ensure that you craft your incentives carefully. After all, you would want the incentives you offer to drive traffic to your self-storage facility; instead of favoring the referrer too much that you barely see any results.

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When you own and run a self-storage facility, if you hire professionals, the last thing you’ll have on your mind would be; social media marketing, referral programs, PPC advertising, and SEO tactics.

Plus, you’ll already be busy managing the day-to-day operations of your self-storage facility; and these result-focused marketing strategies will probably be an afterthought for you.

In the end, you might have to pay a little money from your pocket for these result-focused marketing strategies to work. But, the ROI you’ll get by taking on just a couple of new renters will be worth the cash you invest.

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