Why Are Rigid Boxes Better Than Apparel Boxes In 2020

Did you know that in the year 2020, rigid boxes have generated more sales compared to apparel boxes? Let’s have a detailed discussion on them. Keep reading

The boxes made up of double corrugated sheets of cardboard to deal with bulky products are known as rigid boxes. Besides heavy products, they are also made to be used in the packaging of luxury products. They’re made up of rigid cardboard sheets that provide them with ultimate strength; and help them last for a more extended period. These boxes can also be served as storage boxes for some delicate high-end products. They can carry multiple products at a time. Their strength is the most prominent feature that attracts more buyers for them.

Rigid Boxes Are Better Than Apparel Boxes:

  • Rigid boxes are made up of high pressed durable paperboards that are further coated by matt of UV coatings for a decent finish.
  • They also come with different embossed and printed designs.
  • Additional characteristics can be added to these boxes using different customization options.
  • They are highly versatile and can be used as luxury boxes, sleeve boxes, window boxes, display boxes, etc.
  • Their diversity helps them beat all the other packaging solutions.
  • They can be made using various box themes and templates.
  • Moreover, they can also target the green market using eco-friendly material in their packaging.

The packaging industry has grown exponentially over the past few months. It is because the pandemic situation has compelled everyone to buy more from online resources; which have caused more deliveries and shipping, generating more demand for the boxes. Among all the boxes, rigid boxes have won the race in 2020 by bringing in the highest sales levels for different manufacturers. They have been preferred over apparel boxes to pack bags and apparel. The critical reasons for this preference are the following:

Diverse uses

The mastery of any box can be estimated through its uses and various subdivisions. These boxes are versatile, have numerous uses, and can be used by any of the consumers for various products. They have multiple subdivisions for specific industries; for instance, they can be seen as sleeve boxes and display boxes. Moreover, by adding a window to them, they can also serve as durable display boxes. Having all these subtypes makes them a single go-to packaging solution that can be used for multiple products. Also, customers love to buy the products they can use again and again.

Luxury Appearance

Luxury appearance is something that causes impulsive sales and helps the buyers perceive the product as an expensive one. Hence, people tend to spend more on these, giving economic benefits to the manufacturers and consumers of luxury packaging. Rigid boxes design can be molded to a subtle and decent looking luxury box with just an extra coating. This box’s outlook gives them an edge over apparel boxes, which give a standard a relatively dry appearance. Apparel boxes do not possess enough features and strength in their looks that will attract more buyers.

High-Quality Material

The number one reason why people choose thispackaging over apparel packaging is the quality of the material; they are made up of. They are highly stable and reliable material, while apparel boxes are made up of either kraft paper or cardboard. Due to this material, the apparel box gives a dull and drab feel to others. In addition to this, the material used in the making of them makes them easily susceptible to any climate changes; which means they can be damaged easily due to extreme weather conditions. On the other hand, rigid cardboard boxes can endure all weather conditions, and they never fail to protect the product inside.

Modern Closures

Apparel boxers mostly have the same flap opening; on the other hand, custom rigid boxes have various opening and closing styles. The desired themes and styles of closure can be applied to them as per the consumers’ requirements. This feature of them has made the apparel packaging solutions look outdated and old. Magnetic opening and the ribbon-style opening is among the most famous closure styles for rigid packaging solutions. The magnetic flip flop closure style is the most trending in the market that fascinates people of all ages. These closure styles also add to the feasibility and convenience of these packaging solutions.


The apparel packaging is explicitly made for the bags, apparel, and clothing items; making this type of packaging specific in nature. Hence, it can tend to be a little more expensive than the general rigid oneRigid ones are more of a general kind of boxes than apparel boxes. They can be used for any purpose or product of the given size. While the apparel ones can only entail apparel products, this specificity makes the apparel packaging more expensive than the others.

Furthermore, the boxes bought from rigid boxes wholesale are cheap and can help increase the revenue by leaps and bounds. One more aspect to justify the budget-friendly nature of rigid packaging is that they have a finished look and can be used without customization while serving their purpose in the same manner. In contrast, the apparel boxes cannot be used without customizing them as per the apparel they carry; making buyers spend an extra amount of money on their customization.


Hence, due to all these reasons, rigid boxes have proved to make more sales than apparel boxes in the year 2020. This is a pointer of their success and a pointer of the number of leads; and customers they have generated this year. They can further be customized according to specific demands to target a particular market. Flexible boxes can also be made by customizing their material. They never fail to come to their manufacturers’ expectations. Because their all in one nature continues to win everyone’s hearts successfully.

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