Why are Blue Light Glasses Required During Work From Home?

Blue light glasses are anti-reflective glasses that block harmful blue light rays and reduce painful eye condition. If you still lack Blue light Glasses when work from home; it proves vital you are risking potential eye damage. Due to the global pandemic of the coronavirus outbreak, adult’s workspace has shifted in their homes. People are working from home to reduce the risk of interaction and spread of the virus. Work from home has significantly helped the business to keep running. From office gossip to Zoom call, the interaction became a little far in such a fast way. 

The world took no longer than just a few hours to be assigned or interacted with various screen-sharing applications. It is not only the adults whose work becomes more digitalized, look around and see the difference the lockdown has created on children. Kids have started to open iPads more than the textbook to keep up with their teachers and homework.

Importance of Blue Light Glasses During Work From Home

More On Screen Time When Work From Home

With more than 80% of the UK adults (18+) own a smartphone, our often socializing tool became a lifesaver and dependency tool during the lockdown. From business calls to the next update at work, everything is informed on our cellphones. People started to fulfill the idleness of sitting at home on different online platforms. Hence various applications and internet providers in the UK saw a growing increase in online activity than ever.

Online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other demands and streaming grew significantly higher. The remarkable rise led to a reduction in the video quality in some countries to handle the strain. Video chat applications like Zoom rose above Facebook and Netflix on Apple and Google app stores in the US. Video gaming and streaming also grew incredibly higher from March.

The only thing to take away from the above research is that people streamed every online platform for various needs. The amount of time used for non-screen work led to more screen time during the lockdown. It is crystal clear to the fact that our eyes absorb more blue light rays from the Screen during the lockdown that regular. Work from home leads to flexibility and comfort, which allows you to work late and add more hours to your screen consumption.

Hours Spent Staring on Devices is Highest in These Times.

There is no denial that 2020 has led to a significant rise in screen consumption in various ways. However though the cause is a pandemic outbreak, internet consumption is not something that rose to power within a few months. It has always been there. Screen consumption has not only caused an impact in our eyes but also on our mental health drastically. The increase in the self-help book, insecurity, social movement, break from work, and many other issues signal towards the increasing rate of internet dependency.

Physical problems like visual problems are one of the major problematic issues to go through. Various solutions, such as screen glasses to blue light screens, are invented to lower the impact on the eyes. Some work significantly towards eliminating blue light rays, while others fail to do so. 

How does Screen Harm Our Eyes when Working from Home?

Every digital device contains a screen that transmits detrimental blue light rays. These blue light rays are the same that are passed from the sun and the LED lights. These detrimental light rays cause grave eye damage if it is absorbed for more than 4 to 5 hours. The blue light rays pass through the retina directly and cause potential risk if not treated. It causes various eye conditions like eye strain, headache, burning sensation, fatigue, dry-eye, and many more.

Especially during the lockdown, many workers complain about recurring headaches, exhaustion, tiredness, headaches, and irrationality while working on their laptops. Their eyes feel exhausted, even if the work involves video calls or virtual meetings. Even not doing any work and merely sitting in front of the Screen also leads to eye-exhaustion.

While working from home, the work hours stretch to 12-13 hours, which makes them feel drained entirely from work. The environment shift is not there, which refreshes the mind. You keep working from home, and then after completion, you’ll still be present at the same location. You can’t reduce working hours or stop blue light rays emission, however, and you can use preventive measures/tools to reduce the impact of your eyes.

Blue Light Glasses are 100% Working Solution from Screen Impact

Blue light glasses are glasses with anti-reflective coating on them. The anti-reflective helps to fight oncoming blue light rays from the Screen via actively blocking or reflecting the rays. After the elimination of the blue light rays, you experience fewer eye problems and other associated issues like eye-strain, headache, burning sensation, and many more.

Blue light glasses frames are available in both prescriptive and non-prescriptive lenses. It helps you cope with excessive digital consumption. These glasses are hugely useful for the current situation where there’s no limitation in screen time. With these glasses, you can comfortably operate on your digital devices without feeling any problematic symptoms. 

It’s a great accessory that not only garners protection but ensures you get good hours of sleep, gives you a style edge, and reduces the risk of developing the potential disease. Due to blue light rays emission, the rays can hamper the secretion of sleep, causing hormones called melatonin. Once melanin secession ceases, you don’t feel sleepiness at night while working on the Screen and stay awake till late. That further makes you exhausted, tired, and annoyed the next morning. Fortunately, with blue light glasses, you no longer absorb those rays, and there’s no change in the melatonin secretion leading into healthy hours of sleep.

Blue light rays are also said to be harmful as they might cause progressive eye conditions like macular degeneration and cataract. If you use blue light glasses, when work from home, quite early before the effects become irresistible; and, the chances of eradicating any severe eye disease are executed correctly.

Get Blue Light Glasses 2 Times Increase in Screen time in Work from Home.

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