OgyMogy Employee Monitor – An Online Lie Detector for Employers

Why should employers use an online lie detector? Lies are more common than truth. People use lies to evade a problematic situation or save themselves from any damage. It is a matter of the fact that lies surround every business.

Well, employers are, at times, dragged into a desperate situation that they need to find the liar. The situation could be like a rival company accused the business of using their model. Although the employer had curated his plan, he never got trade protection.

Ahead of that, the employers encounter a series of troubles when trying to find who gave his business’s sensitive information to the rival company. Well, that does not just damage the business but also disrupts the perception of the employers. They begin to feel like employees always cheat, and they cover their deception with lies.

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Every age had a different pattern of lie detection. Employers had always been suspecting employees for lying. Back in the medieval ages, employers tormented employees with boiling water, believing the honest employees will have less injury. Well, whether a person is honest or not, he cannot withstand boiling water.

Just like that, different ages have different methods of detecting lies. A hundred years back, the polygraph testing took a sharp turn. Online lie detector was created that detected lies by reading change in the muscle, blood pressure, and heart rate in the accused. It is still in practice, and some industries use this method to detect lies.

However, it has plenty of drawbacks. Cost is one of the significant drawbacks. Every lie detection session with a polygraph requires $700. Along with that, the polygraph has been in media for quite a while. Indeed, a lot of guys have trained themselves to deceive polygraph.

Further, back in 1988, the federal government restricted the polygraph’s use in the private sector. Indeed, small and medium-sized business entrepreneurs are left with no benefit of the polygraph.

Online Lie Detector for Employers

OgyMogy Employee Monitor An Online Lie Detector for Employers

Finding the liar after the damage completion has no benefit at all. It may only have an advantage if you have protection against lies. Well, no organization is protected from lies. You may not believe that some organizations ask the candidates to take oath on the bible; or their holy book before joining the office.

A manager in such an organization was asked why they get candidates to take oath on holy books. He said that his organization had lost many clients. Employees gave them away to competitors for a significant benefit.

What such organizations are doing is not appreciated by a lot of candidates. Even some professionals do not join those businesses, calling them insecure.

Instead of proposing your business as insecure, better get a professional solution. OgyMogy employee monitoring app and an online lie detector lets employers detect lies online. Everything in the present world is on the internet. From jobs search to business development and from social activities to education, everything is online. Even the business processes include developing the following

  • Contacting vendors,
  • Obtaining raw material,
  • Finding distributors, and
  • Doing every other operation online.

When everything is online, the lies are also online. The intellectual property of the business has stored electronically. That means it can go online. So why not bring in a resonant employee monitoring solution?

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OgyMogy – An Online Lie Detector for Employers

OgyMogy caters to monitoring from every aspect. It keeps an eye on everything that employees do on the computer as well as the handheld devices. For instance, it watches the employees’ internet use and monitors every site that they visit. Similarly, it observes the desktop apps, social networks, call records, emails, and everything else. In short, it monitors everything.

Perhaps, with OgyMogy, a business can stay away from damages. Employers can see everything using this app. They can undoubtedly identify a policy breach or corruption before it takes place. If an employee tries to email the business’s intellectual property to a rival, the employer can stop it right away.

Along with monitoring, OgyMogy even enables employers to adjust the devices’ functionality and block the content. For instance, someone tried sending an email to provide the employees’ list to a rival company; using a business provided smartphone. The employer can stop that email, also block the app.

With all the features of OgyMogy, employers can ensure the safety of their business. They can keep it from harm’s way.

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