An Entrepreneurs Guide: How to Make Good Use of Your Outdoor Space

If you are a business owner looking to spruce up the outside of your office for aesthetic or productivity reasons or both, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing you can’t do much. However, with a little lateral thinking and a bit of a makeover, you’ll find out how much your team’s productivity can improve! Without further ado, let’s talk about the best ways to make good of your outdoor space and make it look like something you’re really proud of!

Top 6 Ways on How to Make Good Use of Your Outdoor Space

An Entrepreneurs Guide - How to Make Good Use of Your Outdoor Space 1

Get Your Lightning On Point

In outdoor office design, one of the most important elements is lighting. Good lighting can instantly create a luxurious office retreat and make it look much more inviting. However, there are vital facts to remember when getting your lighting game on point! The first is to look for lighting companies in your location, making it easier to find an installer and rectify things if they go wrong. For example, if you’re looking for gemstone lighting installation in Phoenix but purchase from a shop in Scottsdale, you will have issues! The second fact is to use enough natural light in the design phases. Because it evokes positive emotions like relaxation and energy.

Moreover, natural light is incredible for reducing dampness and mold expansion. If your outdoor space doesn’t get enough sunlight, you need to add to it with overhead lighting. But this all depends on what tasks you expect to use it for.

Choose The Right Plants That Will Add Some Life To A Bland Exterior

Choosing the right plants and greenery is one of the easiest ways to add some life and color to your outdoor office space. There are many options depending on what kind of look you want to create, ranging from flower beds to trees and shrubs. Consider your climate when purchasing plants and how much maintenance will be involved in keeping them healthy and thriving. Additionally, think about adding different layer levels of vegetation to provide visual interest. Also, add a divisional buffer between the inside and outside areas of your workspace.

This can help create an inviting atmosphere that is both comforting for customers and private for employees. And don’t forget about using vines that can quickly fill the open space or bare wall giving instant gratification and privacy and ultimately creating a visually pleasing oasis!

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Designate A Creative Corner For Those Times You Need Some Inspiration

Designating a creative corner in your outdoor office space will allow you to relax, brainstorm, and be inspired. Whether you need a break from your daily habit or are looking to develop innovative ideas, having a creative corner can be hugely beneficial. Consider adorning it with things that Inspire creativity, like the aforementioned plants, photographs, art pieces, or even inspiring quotes. When using this space for creativity purposes, remember to give yourself the freedom to think outside the box. This could mean allowing yourself a free flow of thoughts, writing poetry, or even having an instrument handy for those times creativity hits!

The intent is to provide yourself and your team with an open-ended space that encourages exploration and creativity, all of which are very good for stimulating your team’s productivity.

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An Entrepreneurs Guide - How to Make Good Use of Your Outdoor Space 2

Add A Coffee Station If The Climate Permits

There is a common misconception that data is the lifeblood of all businesses. In reality, it’s coffee! Consequently, you can make the most of your outdoor office space by adding a coffee station! If your climate permit, constructing a cozy corner for yourself (or your customers) to enjoy a cup of coffee is a fantastic way to provide comfort during those long working hours.

Whether you opt for a home-built barista station, or something ready-made, it’s sure to make your workspace feel more welcoming and professional. Start by choosing a good area. If you are set up in an open space like a patio, find a spot with reliable and consistent shadow. Also, select furniture that isn’t overly bulky so it doesn’t take up too much space. If located in an enclosed space, ensure good ventilation and natural lighting where possible.

Next, decide on the size and type of machine you would like. If you have a small team, then a simple device will suffice. However, if you have a larger pool of talent that requires constant caffeine to work, you must find a larger model that is better. Costlier, but better!

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Ensure Your Wifi Is Powerful Enough To Extend To The Farthest Regions Of The Outdoor Space

If you plan on getting work done in your newly designed outdoor space, you had better ensure that your wifi can reach every corner uninterrupted. As your distance from the router increases, the signal strength decreases. To avoid poor wifi connection in the more remote spaces, you can always invest in a signal booster to fling the signal to the farthest regions. It will reduce the loss in productivity and foul language associated with dropped connections. It’s also important to choose a long-range router. Because, it can broadcast into the distance during an impromptu outdoor Zoom meeting!

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure multiple access points are distributed throughout your property, so no region is overlooked.

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An Entrepreneurs Guide - How to Make Good Use of Your Outdoor Space 3

Extend Power To The Outside Space So You Can Work Outdoors

What use is buying a brand-new coffee machine or adding in beautiful lighting if you’re unable to power anything? If you want to extend your work to the outdoors, it’s important to spread the building power. This way, you can use your laptops, charge mobile devices and use a projector for the occasional staff training event. However, you need to get a skilled electrician who can plumb all the wires up because a simple extension cord won’t cut it. Aside from being a tripping risk, most simply can’t handle multiple devices drawing power simultaneously. It can also cause the entire building to short if you’re not careful. Additionally, if you rent the building, you should check with your landlord before making changes of this nature to ensure everything is above board.

As you can see, a bit of thought and understanding of what makes good use of your outdoor space design can convert a humdrum exterior into a creative wonderland. From developing a creative corner to foster imagination to just extending your buildings wifi, you have plenty of options to start with.

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