How Are Taxes Structured In Multi-Member LLC?

In this blog post, we will talk specifically about how the taxation system works after adding a partner to an LLC or what is called a multi-member LLC (Limited Liability Company).

Forming a company means taking care of many things, and this is why not all the businesses out there can become successful. Everything needs to be on point for getting desired results from marketing to HR management; but the one aspect of business that we will focus on in this blog post is how a company is taxed?

The Details of A Multi-member LLC

Well, there is no specific resolution to this question since not all businesses are taxed similarly. The main thing on which the taxation process depends is the type of business you have formed. A sole proprietorship business is taxed entirely differently from an LLC. Still, even in the case of LLC, there are different business forms, and their process of taxation varies a lot.

A two-member LLC is usually a multi-member LLC company that keeps the personal assets of its members protected. Since LLC has fewer ownership restrictions, many business owners prefer LLC above other forms. The added advantage of personal asset protection from companies’ liability acts as icing on the cake for the owners.

Taxation system in multi-member LLC

How Are Taxes Structured In Multi-Member LLC 1

According to the IRS, any multi-member LLC will always be treated as a partnership after adding a partner to an LLC. This means that the multi-member LLC must file Form 1065 Partnership Return during the tax season. But keep in mind that this is considered an informational return only, and the primary tax liability is passed on to the LLC members on their individual tax returns.

A K-1 is given to every member of the LLC, which offers details on the profit and loss of every member. This also means that K-1 is going to become part of the personal tax return of every member.

Although it’s true that when it comes to tax filing, then multi-member LLC is taxed just like a partnership; but when it comes to the structure or classification. In terms of tax structure, the LLC that has been formed after adding a partner might use the norms of a partnership; and this is simply because there is no specification by IRS when it comes to taxation of multi-member LLC.

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When it comes down to the payment in LLC, the capital distribution is used to distribute the payment. The payment through the capital distribution must be paid from the company’s account and in the form of a check only. And the LLC ownership is going to decide the distribution of the percentage.

Keep in mind that if you go for S corporation taxation, every member of the LLC will be required to draw a reasonable salary from the company. And in this case, you have to file Form 1120S.

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How to form a multi-member LLC?

How Are Taxes Structured In Multi-Member LLC 2

If you are planning to form a multi-member LLC, then you don’t have to go through any hassle; and you can start a multi-member LLC just by following a few steps. One of the first things you have to do is file an Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State office.

The article might be referred to differently as it all depends on the state you are living in. Like in some cases, it can be referred to as Certificate of Organization or Certificate of Formation.

The need for an operating agreement

If there is more than one person in the company and if all the members are not connected in the daily operation of the company; then it becomes necessary to have an operating agreement. This is crucial because, in many instances, the business fails just because members fall out of favor with each other; and this can result in a disaster for the company.

With the help of an operating agreement, you can;

  • Outline the day-to-day management of the different operations
  • Outline the responsibilities and rights of all the members for avoiding any dispute
  • Moreover, outline the instructions when it comes down to the transfer of ownership or any event that will result in dissolution.

In addition to this, you must include member-specific information in the operating agreement as well. This will act as a public record of all the information that has been previously agreed upon by the members.

There are several reasons people love to go for an LLC instead of choosing any other kind of business form. Still, along with the benefits, you should also research how your multi-member LLC will be taxed; as this will help avoid any hassle in the future.

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