Why Should Use An Executive Recruiter To Help With Your Job Search?

A job search doesn’t always entail applying directly to a company’s website or sending out resumes willy-nilly. An executive recruiter like CYOS Solutions provides specialized services that aid in the job search process by matching candidates with particular companies. They do this through networking, providing interview contacts, and promoting their business contacts to find qualified employees for their client base.

4 Reasons Why You Should Use An Executive Recruiter to Help with Your Job Search

Here are four purposes why you should enlist the help of an executive recruiter during your next job search.

Why Should Use An Executive Recruiter To Help With Your Job Search 2

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Though all executive recruiters are successful in their way, the main success factors are their relationships over time. These relationships are what give executive recruiters their edge. Because an executive recruiter can stay current with new developments in the business world, they are often precious to a company looking to expand or relocate.

Many recruiters will maintain a database of contacts that may be valuable to a company. They might have a headhunter who has access to a pipeline of potential candidates. Alternatively, they might keep a database of C-level employees who have moved within the industry and have close relationships with certain key leaders.

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Why Should Use An Executive Recruiter To Help With Your Job Search 1

Coaching and training

When you are prepared for the hiring company, they are far more likely to see your potential, address your questions, and be impressed by your interview skills. If you are planning for an interview, take some time to think about your role in the process.

How much control do you have? Perhaps you are using a recruiter to help you with your next career move. Recruiters are not magicians but well-versed in the organization’s goals and requirements and its leadership team. With all of this knowledge at the recruiter’s fingertips, they can significantly help you make a positive first impression. The better qualified you are, then more likely the hiring organization will ask for you specifically.

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Walk you through the hiring process

A professional executive recruiter works for you in the company you are trying to target. As a result, they have your most genuine interest in mind through the entire recruiting process because this is how their firm compensates them.

It’s not just analyzing candidate resumes and skills, meeting with you to find out what’s important to you in a new position, meeting with the hiring manager to learn about what they are seeking, or helping negotiate compensation packages. It is all of that plus being an extension of you throughout the hiring process. That is what distinguishes an executive recruiter from resumes found online or at other placement offices.

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Using an executive recruiter doesn’t cost you a bomb

Professional services of an executive recruiter are at no cost to you. Because the hiring company pays the recruiter based on a mutual agreement negotiated ahead of time. In this way, both parties benefit from free recruiting support from a responsible third party.

The hiring company gets professional help from an experienced recruiting firm that knows its industry and best reaches critical decision-makers. You get a respected “wingman” who can boost your resume and help you uncover career opportunities that fit your qualifications and preferences.

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