Employee Onboarding Automation: All You Need To Know About

As a Human Resource Manager, it is quite tough to keep track of every employee, even if you want to. What is more frustrating is the whole employee onboarding process. Here, you need an employee onboarding automation process. For a large company such as Google or Windows, or even Intel, hundreds of employees join and leave every month. Some are transferred, some are posted internally, some are moved to different departments or promoted vertically or laterally.

Thankfully, the advent in technology and software solutions has upgraded manual work to employee onboarding automation, payroll automation, and other HR processes. Even employee grievance redressal is now automated. So, this onboarding automation has saved millions of precious minutes and thousands of dollars for every company out there.

Why Does One Need Employee Onboarding Automation In The HR Process?

Human Resource processes include tons of manual paperwork and maintenance of employee information from every facet. This information can be quite tricky if they need to be retrieved upon request.

One of the most tedious jobs for an HR manager would be to identify and eliminate one piece of information from over the years and then trace that to the current requirement. Another tedious process is when a new employee goes through his onboarding process.

There is tons of paperwork involved and very little time to analyze them, primarily if you recruit and hire in bulk. For example, suppose you manage a group of employees from different locations who work in different departments and join on different dates. In that case, it gets quite challenging for HR to process all these employees and their onboarding process.

This is where Onboarding Automation can help save time, increase efficiency and improve productivity with minimal errors.

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How Does Onboarding Automation Help?

The Human Resource Manager has a list of repetitive tasks each time a new employee needs to be onboarded to the system and until the very end of their term with the company. The process comprises many hiring formalities, placing the employee in the directory of files based on the departments, onboarding this information into the payroll and management systems, etc.

These tasks can get confusing and pile up if there is very little time but many employees to onboard and manage. This is where Human Resource Automation and supporting software such as Employee Onboarding Automation comes into the picture.

This software interacts with the HR software and the onboarding automation application that you build into. The application can trigger a set of activities and programs that need to take place each time a new employee has to be brought into the system and till the very end.

The application interacts with the employee software and initiates all the steps that need to be taken to integrate the employee’s information.

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Starting from a hiring letter, employee information capture, creating email and workspace addresses, communicating this information with the concerned department and the managers the employee will be working with, orienting the employee with the system software he would be working with and the superiors contact and work information that he would require.

The application can also take care of the employee’s introduction to the company’s policies, his User Interface, and how to go about the system as per the company policy. It makes everyone’s job much more comfortable and much more efficient. The same applies to payroll, promotions, transfers, etc.

With onboarding automation, it is easy to manage the employees’ information from anywhere without actually being present in the location, especially if this is a company with multiple locations.

Grievances and other incidents with each employee can be handled effectively, and with minimal intrusion each time it is raised. The application works swiftly in creating a bridge between the problem and the solution and routes the information appropriately.

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Benefits of Onboarding Automation

The benefits of Onboarding Automation for Human Resource Processes are multifold. It is said that these applications can save many person-hours and reduce redundancy. Unlike manual paperwork, these automated applications have close to zero error and save a lot of time when shuffling information back and forth via email.

It is a one-stop solution for all your Recruiting and Resource management from anywhere, without the need for actual personal presence.

Human Resource Automation and Employee Onboarding automation are now widely used in many companies. It has a high success rate when it comes to reducing manual work for employee onboarding and other related processes. Also, since the work is automated, the company saves a ton of time-related to HR management.

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