5 Different Types of Packaging Boxes You Should Know About

Sometimes how you present your product can have a more significant impact on your clients. Especially in the current social media driven world, the different types of packaging boxes has the different substantial impact in making your product and brand image. A well-packed product can increase your product’s perceived value. The fact that you considered investing in the product and its presentation will reflect your customers that you care about their ordered well, thus adding more value.

Custom Types of Boxes For Packaging

Meanwhile, you should not miss your chance of creating that long-lasting impression on your customers with the aesthetically crafted custom boxes. We never know. With the right one from the different types of packaging boxes, your product could be the star of the next viral video!

In today, Different Types of Packaging Boxes are available. Different companies prefer different types of packaging boxes for their different products.

  • A cosmetic brand may favor cardboard boxes,
  • A clothing brand might like rigid boxes for their luxury clothing items,
  • Organic food manufacturing companies select biodegradable Kraft Boxes, and
  • Electronics companies can have their products shipped in corrugated boxes for safety purposes.

Meanwhile, different types of boxes for packaging are available, and each one is specialized to fulfill a particular requirement.

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How Many Different Types of Packaging Boxes Are There?

Custom Packaging in itself is a relatively vague term as numerous forms can be adopted for crafting your exclusive boxes. However, they are classified by the most fundamental variable; box material. Choosing from different types of packaging boxes bring you the benefits of getting your boxes in any material you prefer. This is the decision that directs your other production process, obviously.

Let’s see how many different types of packaging boxes are there and what are their uses and benefits. 

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are the most usually used packaging material. Economical and environment friendly, they are the perfect choice for safety and presentation purposes.

Usually paired with simple features, they are extensively used in numerous industries.

From storage purposes, stocking extra household or office items, safety during transportation to being lightweight that makes them easy to handle and transport conveniently,

Among different types of packaging boxes, Cardboard Customized Packaging is the ultimate package for all your product requirements.

  • Pros: Environment Friendly, easy to use, and safe for storage and shipping purposes.  
  • Cons: Although they are preferable for storage purposes, they can’t withhold heavyweight. Thus, not suitable for heavy products and vulnerable to water damage.

Rigid Boxes

5 Different Types of Packaging Boxes You Should Know About 2
Image by Alvworks from Pixabay

Rigid Boxes are mostly used in high-end packaging products from different types of packaging boxes and therefore preferred by reputable brands.

Moreover, with the rising trend of sponsoring corporate or social events for promotions, renowned business owners also prefer rigid boxes for packing their giveaway items.

Try to recall every renowned brand, and luxury packaging will instantly pop up beside their name in your mind.

They have focused explicitly on luxury packaging through rigid custom boxes to ensure that they provide their customers with an extraordinary unboxing experience, giving them another reason to shop again besides qualitative products.

Consider Audemars Piguet, Rolex, iPhone, and Google; these are the globally famous brands known for their quality and extraordinary product quality.

Meanwhile, they all offer entirely different products, yet they all have one thing in common – their luxury packaging approach. They all get their products packed in rigid boxes, which add more value to their products and also effortlessly justify their unusually high rates in the eyes of customers.

  • Pros: Ideal for luxury products. Add value to your products: Royal Products display and unboxing experience.
  • Cons: Thick layered rigid boxes giving a remarkable impression to your product can come quite heavy on your budget as they cost you a considerable amount.

Kraft Boxes

5 Different Types of Packaging Boxes You Should Know About 3
Image by Jess Bailey from Pixabay

With the recent awareness about drastic climate change and the importance of some action by our side, numerous brands offer organic and environmentally friendly products to recover the done damage and control the upcoming catastrophes.

From wooden toothbrushes, stainless steel water bottles, reusable coffee cups, clothes made with recycled fabric, eco-friendly food products to everyday use items, various brands focus on creating a greener world and saving the future from harsh circumstances.

Such companies certainly prefer Kraft paper – biodegradable box material – for their Customized Packaging to complement and fulfill their purpose.

You can also prepare packaging for jewelry, confectionery, clothing, and retail items to grocery bags, takeaway, and gift boxes with Kraft paper.

As Kraft paper is naturally brown, you can retain its natural color if you like; otherwise, you can have them layered and colored in whatever color you fancy. This is one of the perks to avail of Custom Packaging services.

  • Pros: Safe for the environment and adequately protects your products.
  • Cons: Not highly reliable for shipping and not water-resistant.

Corrugated Boxes

5 Different Types You Should Know About 4
Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Corrugated Boxes are made with Cardboard material but considered distinct because they are manufactured in multiple layers.

Thus they are thicker and reliable than the regular cardboard boxes, guarantee more safety, and more preferable for shipping purposes.

They are also considered as most suitable for transporting goods to a certain significant distance. They are three-layered boxes; outer line, fluted and inner layer.

The fluted layer can vary in sizes upon which its strength and durability rely.

The flutes are waved layers of cardboard paper, and it is sandwiched between successive layers of cardboard paper. This composite pattern makes it highly reliable for shipping purposes.

  • Pros: Ideal for shipping purposes. Protect your goods against all external harms.
  • Cons: Its triple layers may not come in handy for retail products. They can get quite heavy for displaying purposes.

Paperboard Boxes

Paper Boxes are the lightest weighing and foldable, therefore considerably easy to use and transported without bearing hefty shipping charges. Ideal for retail products, as their flexibility, can come very handy in numerous decorating styles.

Moreover, you can add features like lamination, foiling to die-cut windows, and ribbons to enhance your product display.

  • Pros: Highly lightweight and convenient to carry around. Recyclable.
  • Cons: Prone to various environmental damages.

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What are the Benefits of Different Types of Packaging Boxes – is it worth considering?

Different types of packaging boxes bring you many benefits, from choosing your box material to selecting features to make it utterly exclusive and unique. This enables you to play around with themes and have your packaging made differently.

Standard packaging does not guarantee safety during shipping or impactful display of your products. Thus Different types of packaging boxes bring you in the driving seat, and you get to decide each and everything regarding your packaging.

Add Features to Get Everyone’s Attention Immediately

Customized packaging enables you to play around with your packaging themes, colors, and materials until you have crafted your ideal Custom Printed Boxes. You can have them made in any material, layered with the color of your choice and features you find attractive enough.

This authority allows you to free the reign of your creativity and quickly reflect your brand message through your packaging to make the most suitable brand statement in the market.

Get More Impactful Display From Different Types of Packaging Boxes

The retail market has become a hub for shopping. Once you have entered it, there are rare chances of you coming out empty-handed. All kinds of products are stacked together; making it easy for customers to shop and challenging for brands to attract clients’ attention.

In the meantime, Customized Packaging can give you an edge over others in such circumstances. You can create for you different types of packaging boxes in materials you find most suitable for your product type and add features that will make your product immediately pop up, among others.

Effective Marketing Tool

Marketing your product, at this time, has become crucial for the survival of your brand. You must use the appropriate strategy and target your audience effectively otherwise;, numerous alternatives are in line to fill your shoes.

Meanwhile, you can quickly boost your marketing strategy by getting different types of packaging boxes or custom packaging services. Through this, you can have your logo, tagline, and brand name prominently displayed on the different types of packaging boxes; or you can have them designed in specific color or theme that is specific to your brand only.

It can help you boost up your sales. All these things will help your clients remember your brand name, which will work in your favor.


Meanwhile, now you know enough about how many different types of packaging boxes are available in the market and suitable for what purpose. So, you can easily have your excellent product packaging manufactured that will increase your product visibility and product value.

Moreover, through custom packaging, you can leave a lasting impression on your clients by preparing your boxes; that are tailor made for your specific product, and qualitative material is coupled with adorable features; to magnify its presence further.

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