Courier Safety Tips and Essentials During Covid-19 Pandemic

Need to send something to a loved one or a customer who bought from your online store? Just as everyone else is, you should be worried about the Covid-19 pandemic too. Traditional methods of getting courier and shipping services involve going to an outlet or office. Courier safety during the pandemic must be achieved through modern creative courier safety tips and essentials. Door to door courier UK services and also in other parts of the world are safer.

Modern technology innovations and the right approach have made it possible for such services. You don’t have to head out at all to any courier company’s office. They come down to your specified address to pick the parcel to be delivered up.

4 Courier Safety Tips and Essentials During Covid-19

Courier Safety Tips and Essentials During Covid-19 Pandemic 2
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Tip 1: Contactless Courier

As we all are conscious, the Covid-19 infection spreads more with more human contact. All health organizations have recommended a safe gap of six feet between any two individuals. Contactless courier is now very much possible. Our courier safety tips and essentials focus on reducing contact or making it less likely to contract or spread the virus.

Traditionally, all paperwork, including payments, needed to happen at courier outlets. The very best courier service in the UK today can have better alternatives. Courier company representatives bring plastic payment machines to your doorstep. Or, you can pay them in cash if preferred. They will take down all details, completing paperwork right on the spot.

You can also select a day and time depending on your availability and preference. Also, the added convenience of this doorstep courier service is much greater than courier outlet service. This service has been available even before the pandemic. However, most traction to it based on necessity is observed during these times of crisis.

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Tip 2: Sanitize – As Much As possible

Courier Safety Tips and Essentials During Covid-19 Pandemic 1
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Courier safety, like anything else during the Covid-19 pandemic, needs to be focused on sanitization. Whether you are sending a package or receiving it, do make sure to sanitize everything you touch. Hand sanitizers and liquid spray sanitizers are available easily in the market. These can make the difference in stopping Covid-19 from spread anywhere you are in the world.

It might seem like an additional task, but it is unquestionably worth it when done correctly. Courier safety with regards to the Coronavirus can get a big boost when you follow sanitizing preferences. For individuals and eCommerce retailers involved in higher numbers of courier packages, it is essential to sanitize everything.

When parcel collection and delivery in the UK or any other part of the world are carried out with sanitization, many Covid-19 worries can be neutralized. Also, experts believe that un-sanitized courier and package delivery played a role in such a large virus spread. Be sure to sanitize as much as possible and follow our courier safety tips and essentials at all times.

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Tip 3: Organize Your Parcels and Packages

If you own an eCommerce website and sell products through it, you’d know dealing with all those packages is tough. Especially if you have an extensive eCommerce business, you’d be dealing with hundreds of parcels and packages daily. This is also where things get out of hand, and courier safety just doesn’t get followed at all.

Un-organized parcels and packages can need courier outlet visits in high numbers. Or, you will need to call them at your address quite a few times every day. Not only can this boost courier cost up high, but it can bring more contact into play too. Organizing your parcels and packages is the best way to go in or outside the pandemic times.

It can be quite cumbersome to organize your parcels and packages. However, once you get in the habit of doing it, you will feel more comfortable. Limit your trips to the courier office or the number of times you call them at your doorstep. Select the right time of the day to allow fewer trips needed to send all of the packages for customers.

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Tip 4: Open Parcels and Packages with SOPs

Covid-19 SOPs for handling things involve opening packages responsibly as well. The first thing you should attempt to do is not open any received packages for at least 48 hours. Coronavirus can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours and plastics for up to 2-3 days. On wooden boxes, it can live up to 4 days. Keeping this information in mind, you’d want to leave packages alone for quite a while.

Of course, if you have any urgently required products or items, you will need to unpack quicker. Be sure to follow all sanitization protocols. Sanitize the boxes and products or items that come out of them. Also, sanitize or wash your hands immediately after touching the boxes or items. These courier safety tips will ensure no transmission if the virus somehow got on the products or their boxes.

You want to eliminate getting the virus on your hands or in your vicinity. Sanitizing the boxes and products will ensure all of it gets eliminated before it can infect anyone. Use good sanitizers and follow cleaning protocols. Clean surfaces tend not to hold the virus for more extended periods anyway. These courier safety tips will help you stay safe during the pandemic.

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Final Words

Covid-19 pandemic is and has spread faster than most people thought. One of the significant reasons why it didn’t stop on any borders has been courier mishandling. Infected people have managed to pass on the virus on products and boxes. It got transmitted to people receiving them later on.

Courier safety tips with regards to the virus should always be focused on. You should keep getting or sending packages during the pandemic to a minimum. Be sure to sanitize everything you touch to stay safe. Unpack your parcels with SOPs to eliminate the chances of contracting the virus.

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

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