What Is The Best Substitute For Parchment Paper For Baking?

Want to know the best substitute for parchment paper for baking, when you are out of your parchment paper stock? Here are some best alternatives to baking paper and you can choose the right substitute for parchment paper for baking purpose.

Best Substitute For Parchment Paper For Baking

Parchment paper for baking has become an essential element of the kitchen. Because it has diverse uses to help in baking and other purposes.

  • The silicone coating on parchment paper for baking makes it heat and water-resistant.
  • Parchment paper for baking is famous for its non-sticking properties.
  • Parchment paper for baking helps to keep the baked items separate. So, this preserves their original shape.
  • The layering of parchment paper for baking sheet keeps the deserts and breakable items separated from each other.

Being ready in the kitchen for cooking, then realizing the baking paper stock is over, is the worst nightmare. Luckily, the best substitute for parchment paper for baking can help in this situation. Have a look at some of those.

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1. Wax Paper – Substitute For Parchment Paper For Baking

Wax paper has a lot of characteristics that are also present in the parchment paper. It could be the best substitute for parchment paper for baking when you instantly need some baking sheet in the kitchen.

The only aspect that makes it different from the standard baking paper is that it is not that heat resistant. Because of this, it is unable to use in the oven and for other high-temperature processes.

However, it is non-sticking and can wrap the items in it after getting a bit cooler. You could also use it to roll the dough and store the cheese.

It is better to use this wax sheet for all those processes that do not involve heat. Because it can get contaminated with food at high temperatures and be harmful to health.

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2. Aluminum Foil

You must have seen the use of aluminum foil in the cooking of items. Unlike wax paper, this thin foil can survive under the high temperature.

However, it also does not have non-sticking qualities. So, coating it with oil can avoid the food sticking with this foil.

Still, there are chances that you will end up with a little sticking. But it can help steam the fish and chicken or other items in the oven or grill on the campfire.

Still, it is necessary to keep an eye on food in the oven. That’s because food gets cooked in a short time when using aluminum foil. It can help to keep the kitchen clean by lining on the dishes and pans.

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3. Silicone Baking Mats

A silicon pad or only Silpat baking mat has all the properties of the baking paper. It is the most preferred substitute for parchment paper for baking is available in the kitchen or at a nearby store.

These mats have a coating of silicon and they resist heat very well. They even do not need any coating of oil as it is a non-sticking material.

These baking mats are very durable and keep the food safe even if put at a higher oven temperature.

You can easily clean them with water and reuse them many times. The only drawback of these mats is that people cannot adjust or cut them according to needs.

It is necessary to buy them in different sizes, and it is also a little expensive than standard parchment stock.

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4. Greased Pan

When no substitute for parchment paper for baking is available, then greasing can help as it was helping traditionally.

You need to have a cooking spray to make the pans oily so that they could avoid sticking.

However, you can also use little oil manually and spread it with any material in the absence of cooking spray.

You can also use a little butter to grease the pan. The greased pan can handle all types of baking items until a proper greased layer of oil is present at the pans’ base.

It could be an easy, convenient, and cost-effective alternative when you cannot go to market instantly to buy parchment stock.

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Grocery Bags

5. Grocery Bags

Another best substitute for parchment paper for baking. Using a grocery bag is not recommended when you have to put items into the oven. Because it can catch fire even at a moderate temperature.

However, just like a wax board, it is a good idea to wrap the items in it.

Using paper grocery bags that are readily available at home can only provide food storage benefits.

They are more efficient than the wax board. Also, they are 100 percent environmentally friendly and won’t contaminate food items.

It will also help to increase the reusability of resources present at home. You can usually use these grocery bags only once.

Pizza/Bread Stones

6. Pizza/Bread Stones

The most efficient substitute for parchment paper for baking is the pizza stones or bread stones. They are heavier than all other alternative options. These stones are made of materials like fireclay and cordierite.

These materials and stones are famous for bearing high temperatures.

However, they get hot after consuming a little higher that can lower the rate of cooking.

Usually, people keep the size of these stones according to the size of the ovens so that they can use them well.

Moreover, using them at grills and campfires is also very useful. They are provided by many paper providing companies such as Thunderbolt Paper.

7. Glass Baking Sheet

Using a glass baking sheet can be a perfect idea as a substitute for parchment paper for baking. These sheets are made of highly durable and sustainable glass. It has more advantages over other substitutes in a way that it can serve some additional purposes.

After taking the food directly out of the oven, you can use a glass baking sheet to serve it directly at the serving table.

This sheet can bear a high temperature. You will save a lot of money by preferring the use of it as a substitute. These shoes are incredibly lightweight and you can clean them easily with water. However, it is unable to keep the food hot for longer durations.


These were some best alternatives to baking paper that you can use temporarily. You can use any substitute for parchment paper for baking from this list. Seeing the pros and cons of all these substitute options, it is easy to analyze that every material is not perfect and has some type of issue. It is only the parchment stock in the market, which can be a long-lasting and permanent solution for your kitchen.

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