Tips To Maintain The Electric Forklift To Avoid Accidents

Do you want to increase the longevity of your electric forklift? It is essential to follow a regular maintenance routine. In this way, you can keep expenses down, maximize uptime and also increase the lifespan of your equipment.

Electric forklifts at Adaptalift Group are expensive than diesel and gas counterparts. Undoubtedly, these are beneficial than manual models. They help your business to reduce its ownership cost in the future.

Top 5 Tips To Maintain An Electric Forklift

If you want to keep your electric forklift in optimal working condition, then you have to identify the maintenance goals of your machine.

Tips To Maintain Electric Forklift To Avoid Accidents 1

Maintenance Goals for Electric Forklift

To increase the lifespan of your electric forklift, you should know your maintenance and safety priorities and duties. A clear schedule and plan prove helpful to track upkeep.

Make sure to service your electric forklifts after every six months. So, to avoid unnecessary expenses, you can buy batteries and a truck with a warranty.

Some dealers offer a finance package along with a maintenance contract. Make sure to work with a dealer who can help you in claiming a warranty.

You have also to follow a regular maintenance process. It is also necessary to increase uptime and protect your equipment.

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Tips for Batteries to Decrease Damages

Forklift operators must know routine checks to ensure safety. It is essential to charge, clean, and check batteries regularly along with electrolytes.

Regular cleaning is necessary for batteries. In this way, you can decrease the build-up of dirt and dust. Remember, dirt and dust can damage your batteries and reduce their lifespan.

While charging, do not unplug batteries before charging is complete. You may not see the impacts of unplugging immediately, but it can decrease the battery life.

When your batteries are fully charged, you should ensure that these are topped with distilled water or deionized to an accurate level.

Frequently check electrolyte levels and top them up as needed. In this way, you can avoid the sulphation of plates.

Remember, sulphation can decrease the capacity of the battery and increase the chances of damage with time.

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Preparation for Downtime Period

For a closure period, you have to take essential measures to protect your electric forklift.

If you are preparing for downtime, then make sure to disconnect or switch off batteries from the main supply. In this way, you can avoid battery discharging.

You can increase the danger of irreparable damage by allowing discharging batteries to almost 20%. Remember, you should not leave forklifts inactive for a longer duration.

Try to refresh-charge your batteries frequently. With periodic maintenance, it is also possible to keep your batteries in the best condition.

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Invest in Maintainance Training of Staff for Electric Forklift

Tips To Maintain Electric Forklift To Avoid Accidents 2

To protect your investment, ensure training of your staff. Indeed, training is necessary for the safety of your workforce.

After education and training, the operator will feel responsible and confident. Moreover, it will become an excellent motivator.

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The expertise of TCM Dealer

For your business, you will need an experienced and knowledgeable TCM dealer. You can take their advice for maintenance services.

Moreover, feel free to hire a dealer for regular maintenance and servicing.

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