Is Kia Seltos a Good Car? Looking for A Small SUV?

Looking for a compact and stylish car? Click here to learn why the Kia Seltos car is good for you.

Finding a car that is practical while also being economical can be tricky – but it is not impossible. If you’re looking for a compact still, a roomy car, considering a car from the KIA Seltos line would be a great idea.

Kia’s new SUV range has a wide range of options to pick from. Starting with the S and LX and going on to the EX, SX, Turbo, and S Turbo, which are the premium models. The latter are specially designed for people who are willing to spend a little extra money for added comfort and more features.

Is Kia Seltos a Good Car: Here’s Why You Should Get Kia Seltos for Yourself

Before purchasing a car, it is crucial to understand its pros and cons to ensure you’re getting the right vehicle for your needs. Fortunately, the pros of Kia Seltos far outweigh the cons. Following are remarkable of the important reasons you should consider buying this car.

Looking for A Small SUV - Kia Seltos is Perfect for You

Kia Seltos is Reasonably Priced

The most important thing while buying a car is to determine whether it is worth its price tag. In fact, most people decide their budget before starting to look for the best car they can get in that price range. This is where it exceeds expectations.

For the number of features that it offers, Kia Seltos comes at a terrific price. It has a lower price when compared to other brands that offer similar features. The starting models of the SUV can be bought for under $26,000, making them perfect for budget-minded people. Even the higher-end models are priced between $27,000 and $32,000, making it one of the best brands when it comes to a car’s value.

Performance of Kia Seltos

After you have decided on a budget, you want the car with the best features and performance that you can get within the budget. Even the lowest budget car would seem futile if its performance doesn’t live up to the expectations. However, Kia Seltos certainly lives up to the hype.

Kia Seltos’ power is more than adequate by the average person’s standards, thanks to its two different four-cylinder engines. The SUV has sharp handling and offers a smooth yet firm ride. The performance may not be up to the mark if you take it on a ride on a bumpy road. However, it isn’t designed for rough roads, so it isn’t smart to expect them to perform well on those.

Kia Seltos is Spacious

The chances are that if you’re looking for a compact car, you want it to be as spacious as possible. Despite resembling a compact SUV on the surface, the interior of the Kia Seltos is more spacious than you may expect.

With a reasonably large storage room, the Kia Seltos SUV is said to have a cargo capacity of about 63 cubic feet with lowered rear seats. When the seats are set back in place, you’ll still get 26 cubic feet of cargo capacity. Whether you need to get a lot of groceries, commuting luggage, or carry around large sports equipment, it is a convenient choice.

Kia Seltos is Fuel-Efficient

Another crucial factor that requires consideration while purchasing the car is its fuel efficiency. The estimation by EPA shows that the Kia Seltos are capable of delivering fairly efficient MPG figures. It can determine the amount of money you’d be spending on fuel for years to come.

In addition to that, it is estimated that with 2.0-liter four cylinders, the Kia Seltoes highway fuel economy(HFE) can reach as high as 35 mpg for front-wheel-drive models. Overall, it provides sufficient fuel efficiency and will help you cut down gas and fuel costs.

Comfort & Style

Lastly, comfort and style are also important while getting a new car. As stated earlier, Kia Seltos is roomier than the average SUV, despite being of a similar size on the outside. This automatically makes it more comfortable than the average SUV. Furthermore, the materials used to design the interior of the car provide you with a luxurious feeling and make your journey even more comfortable.

At the same time, it is one of the best budget cars on the market that also oozes style and elegance. Once you start driving this car, you would genuinely feel like you’re riding a higher-end car.

Kia Seltos Cons

While they aren’t deal-breakers for the most part, Kia Seltos does come with a few setbacks. Nevertheless, it is better to be aware of the cons in advance before deciding to buy a car.

Limited Horsepower Range

If you’re a person who wants enhanced horsepower, the Kia Seltos range may not be satisfactory enough for you. Most people look for more than 200 hp. Yet, it rounds up at 146 hp. So if you purchase this car, you will have to compromise on the horsepower.

Basic Cabin

Keep in mind that despite being extremely comfortable, Kia Seltos does not come with a full-leather cabin. In addition to that, it doesn’t have front ventilated seats or even dual-zone climate control. Moreover, only the EX and SX Turbo models come with the option for a power-adjustable driver’s seat. So you won’t be getting a lot of cabin features with this one.

These minor cons aren’t strictly deal breakers, but you should be aware of these if you purchase a Kia Seltos. If you feel that you can’t compromise on these matters, you may want to look for some other cars on the market. There are various options available.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a compact, economical, practical, and stylish car, Kia Seltos is an good investment. Not only does it last up to the expectations, but at such amazing prices, it even surpasses any expectations you may have. If you’re willing to overlook the minor setbacks, it could make the perfect car for you and your family.

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