Important Information About Any Ridesharing Accident With Uber

Rideshare driving is more popular than ever. It works well for the drivers and the passengers. The latter get the benefit of relatively inexpensive travel. Drivers receive income to supplement their other sources of revenue. Uber drivers are undertrained, and the screening process is practically non-existent. Nearly anyone can become an Uber driver, no matter their driving record or criminal background. One need not even have a privately owned vehicle to sign up as a driver on the app. If you are ever in a ridesharing accident as a Uber passenger, the most important thing to remember is that Uber can be held accountable for any injuries you sustain. Do not make decisions based on rumors or what you have heard.

Ridesharing Accident, Uber & Dealing With The Aftermath

You should speak to an Uber accident lawyer as soon as possible after the ridesharing accident. An Uber accident lawyer is the only one who will know the law concerning this matter. They are also the only ones who know how to get the money you deserve.

The next thing you should keep in mind is that your case against Uber begins at the moment of the ridesharing accident. They will review and scrutinize everything you do in the aftermath of the crash closely.

If you are conscious and mobile after the crash, you must act in a way that will allow you to pursue legal action should that become necessary. Here are a few helpful hints:

1. Get the ridesharing accident on record

Some drivers have every incentive to leave the authorities out of the accident. They may worry about everything from their insurance premiums to their immigration status.

You cannot afford to let this happen. If the driver does not call 911, then you should. It is also essential that the driver remains at the ridesharing accident scene until the police show up.

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2. Get yourself seen by professionals

If you feel pain or dizziness, you should not move until the paramedics show up. Even if you don’t believe the accident is severe, you should make the hospital trip and get yourself checked out.

You may have internal injuries, which a trained physician can only detect. If you sustained cuts, bruises, and other wounds, you should have them photographed before being cleaned and bandaged.

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3. Get an attorney—fast

You should not have to pay for the medical treatment you receive. If the carelessness of the Uber driver caused the ridesharing accident, then the company should pay your expenses.

Uber does not always do the right thing on this front. The best way to ensure you get the money you deserve is to hire a ridesharing accident lawyer immediately after the accident.

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The Worse Your Injuries, the More You Are Owed

A serious crash can cause severe injuries. If the crash put you in the hospital for weeks, then you will have more substantial claims to make against Uber. This kind of accident can set you back for years. You will not be able to earn any money while you are in hospital.

You may need to undergo an expensive and painful rehabilitation process. And even when you are ready to go home, you may not be fully fit to return to work.

Another fact to keep in mind after a rideshare accident: the worse your injuries, the more you are owed. If the ridesharing accident led to permanent disability, then it is right for you to hold Uber accountable. They should foot the bill for your recovery and for the life-long expenses that you will incur.

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The Growing Power of Uber

Important Information About Any Ridesharing Accident With Uber 1

Uber is a multi-billion-dollar company. Its power and influence have expanded over the last decade, and it is now a significant voice in law and politics. To minimize the amount of money it must pay out to victims, Uber has maintained the argument that its drivers are independent contractors, not employees of the company.

In the state of California, the company went so far as to put the question of driver status on the ballot in the last election—and it won. The voters of California have decided that Uber drivers will remain independent contractors.

It is still uncertain how Uber’s victory will affect the existing laws and regulations that govern accident liability. In any case, the company’s political victory does not belie its string of losses in the courts. Judges and juries throughout the country have rejected Uber’s argument that it does not bear any responsibility for passenger injuries.

Anyone who has been hurt in an Uber-related ridesharing accident can claim compensation from the company and have a decent chance at getting the money they deserve.

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Remember: You Are the Victim

You are the victim. This is a salient point to keep in mind. It can be easy to forget this fact once you have become wrapped up in an ridesharing accident case. Big companies like Uber tend to portray themselves as the underdog.

They would have the courts believe that they are outstanding corporate citizens who provide good jobs for ordinary people. Your effort to get money from them constitutes an unwarranted attack on business.

Do not allow your experience to be de-valued and belittled. It is right for you to expect the person is driving your Uber vehicle to be safe and reliable.

If they drove recklessly or were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the ridesharing accident with Uber, then you have reasonable grounds for a personal injury claim.

You are the one who must bear the consequences of an Uber accident. You are the one who may have to struggle for years to come because the company allowed a lousy driver to offer their services to the public.

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Do Not Settle For Less

Uber offers up to a million dollars to passengers who have been injured in ridesharing accidents involving their vehicles. Even if you have been seriously hurt in such an ridesharing accident, you do not get the money automatically.

If you are eligible for this one-time pay-out, it may not be enough. If you have been permanently disabled because of the ridesharing accident, you may need a larger settlement.

You should speak to a ridesharing accident lawyer before you accept the one-million dollars. A ridesharing accident lawyer will be able to assess the extent of your injuries and the overall costs you will incur because of them.

West coast trial lawyers will also advise you on the merits of filing a lawsuit to get the money you deserve.

You should never settle for less money than you are owed. Do not allow yourself to be bullied by Uber. West coast trial lawyers know how to handle the company and help you get a fair and adequate settlement.

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