Top 10 Features of Uber – Best Taxi App

What are the main features of Uber that make it one of the best taxi apps? If you go two decades back, do you realize how far you have come with multiple changes in the dynamic environment? Well, so has Uber. Established in 2009, today the app acquires a net worth of $100 Billion. Ever since the app has appeared on our smartphones, our routine commitments have surpassed greater than ever. Who knew that the everyday commute would get so convenient and reliable?

All praise to the highly innovative and user-friendly taxi app has made it easier to travel from one point to the next. If you are running late for the office, you know that Uber will find the nearest seeking captain for you, and with an instant command, the captain will arrive at your doorstep.

What’s surprising is to assess that none of us think what goes behind the development of the most useful taxi booking app. Have a look to the main features of Uber!

Main Features of Uber Taxi App

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Some of us might question with curiosity as to how to create an app like Uber Well; the ride-hailing app is not an overnight creation. There is a phenomenal concept behind the app. Its establishment has worked wonders for audiences.

The Three Roles

One of the best features of Uber that made the app stand out from the beginning are the three impeccable roles created for;

  • Admin,
  • Driver, and
  • The Rider.

What the admin does is that when you book a trip, through advanced navigating systems and accurate mapping, your location is assessed and compared with the captain who is yet vacant and has not taken rides.

Top 10 Features of Uber - Best Taxi App 4

Upon confirmation of the driver’s availability, you are notified of their details. It makes it possible for you as a rider to connect to your driver directly.

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Thorough Research

Before the mega-success, Uber began its operations in limited areas. The app first started its function on IOS, and with an overwhelmingly positive response, they expanded because they understood the future potential of an app like Uber in the market.

What gives the essence to the success of an app is appropriate research that focuses on a business’ target audiences. Today, the app operates across 900 areas of the world.

Exceptional Business Model

Working on a project as Uber has, requires rigorous devotion and practicality. Planning is undeniably the root of success, but what plays a pivotal role in giving direction to your Taxi Business is the sort of business model you work on. It also becomes imperative to define your USP’s and competitive edge to make your potential and foreseeable customers come to you for a service they would not find anywhere else.

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The Technical Frame of Uber

Highlighting an app like Uber, we know how massively dependent and relied on technology. From booking till reaching your destination, Uber has undoubtedly used the internet and its drivers in the best possible way. So if you are a tech enthusiast and want to enhance its know-how regarding the technical components of Uber, the following list is your guide:

  • Email
  • Directions for navigation
  • Online Transactions
  • Cloud storage and hosting
  • Routing
  • App developers
  • Taking aid from social media apps to evaluate the relationship of people with an app like Uber
  • Push notifications

To provide a platform like Uber, a business must be willing to invest in technology with high budgets. The world has accepted digitalization, and therefore having the best IT team under your domain is an asset to your company. It develops and improves core aspects of the company and offers ideas that would be better accepted by most people.

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Best Features of Uber App

Top 10 Features of Uber - Best Taxi App 2

Name a Taxi company whose service equally satisfies you as Uber does. Couldn’t compare its intriguing traits with the competitors? To understand this better, let’s dive into the top features of Uber that makes the app possess distinctive elements.

Calculation of The Ride

Convenient and keeps you prepared. When you know the cost you have to pay with a service, it brings a positive satisfaction.

Discount Codes

What’s better than a free ride? Undoubtedly, a ride on discounted rates is better. It is one of the most popular features of Uber that makes all its regular customers feel like they are an integral part of the team. If you regularly use the app, you would know how great it feels to read about discounts.

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Driver Tracking

Driver Tracking
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One of the most useful features of Uber is driver tracking. Being aware of the right arrival time will help you manage your schedule and keep you punctual. It is why all users love the tracking factor.

Travel History

To keep track of your weekly budget or expense on rides, this is one of the best features of Uber allows you to go back and keep notes that can be useful anytime.

Rating and Reviews

Good or bad customer feedback is essential that would make the app improvise customer experiences.

Incorporating data management and IT options in a business is always beneficial, but what features of Uber make it successful is good service and excellent customer support.

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