To-Do List: After Mobile App Development Idea Pop Up In Your Mind?

You have a great mobile app development idea, and now you want to shape that idea into a successful app. Well, that’s the logical progression from any good app development idea. But it is not as easy as writing your first blog post. It is not as difficult as climbing a mountain.

Mobile App Development Idea And To-do List

To-Do List After Mobile App Development Idea Pop Up In Your Mind 1

What it needs is a disciplined approach. This is why we are here to give you a to-do list when you want to create a mobile app from scratch.

Validate the app development idea first

Before pursuing an app development idea head-on, it is important to validate it with an open mind. So, first, have a clear idea about the main objective of your app development idea. Next, you need to ask what purpose your app will serve and how the solution stands unique and marketable?

Once you have understood the value of the app development idea, it is time to determine the target audience. Who is going to use the app most? What is the average age, gender, social status, and other demographic attributes of your users?

Now it is time to know about other similar apps in the market. Understand their strengths and weaknesses and decide how to provide a better value proposition for your app user.

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Create a prototype

Now that your app development idea is ideally validated by audience and competitor research, it is time to create a design prototype. You can either choose a simple conceptual prototype involving just a schematic depiction of the app screens or opt for an interactive prototype with more details or animated visual elements.

The app prototype should give a clear idea about how the app will work and how users are going to navigate across screens and use the features for fulfilling their objectives.

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Time, budget, and target platform

Now make a list of all the app features, including UI/UX design and testing. Then inquire on the minimum development hours required by each component. As per the average cost of development hours in different countries, you can easily have an awful idea of the development cost and time.

Here lies another critical consideration. Do you want to build an app for multiple platforms, or you want to target one platform at a time? If you are a new player in the app business and want to reach out to an audience across all platforms, it is better to go for cross-platform development instead of building separate iOS and Android apps.

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Find funding for the project

You now know the development cost of your particular app project, and to connect the dots, you need funding. As for funding, you have several options: collecting money from peers, investing personal savings, winning an app contest, partnering a business, getting credits from banks or financial institutions, opting for crowdfunding platforms, etc.

Remember, if you approach any investor with your app prototype, you need to perfect the idea and prototype to make sure it looks lucrative from the business point of view.

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DIY or Freelance developers or Expert Development Company 

To-Do List After Mobile App Development Idea Pop Up In Your Mind 3

Do you want to build the app entirely on your own? Well, there is no harm doing it if you are technically equipped or have a simple app development idea that no-code tools can shape. Otherwise, you need to hire developers.

As for hiring, you can choose between freelance developers and expert development companies. However, it is advisable to avoid freelancers since you cannot be sure about their commitment level unless they belong to your close acquaintances.

When it comes to hiring expert development companies, there are many choices as per budget, expertise, and experience in every region. For instance, when you Huur mobiele app ontwikkelaars België in, they offer a different price quote than one in India. 

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Create an MVP app

At this stage, let’s assume you have managed to gather a shoestring budget for the app project and want to start developing. For such small-budget startup projects, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) comes as an ideal approach. Let’s explain.

First of all, for your small budget app project, multiple course corrections over the app life cycle can be pretty expensive. This can be ruined for any self-funded app project that somehow wants to go live without knowing how to handle situations when several errors flare up and they need to undo and redo things.

This is where the MVP approach helps. First, you build a basic app based on the core app development idea, incorporate your elementary features, and leave possibilities open for future value additions and changes. This will ensure keeping your initial budget low while allowing total control over future updates. Then, as user feedback starts coming in, you can incrementally make small changes and value additions. Thus you can avoid significant course correction and unnecessary costing.

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Last but not the most minor thing to keep in mind is that launching an app is not the end of the road. Instead, it is just the beginning of a long haul of tasks and exercises. This is why continuous improvement is always the focus of most development companies around the world.

App users these days want their apps to stay updated and improved as per the latest design trends and feature requirements. Before your competitors listen to the audience and provide something more engaging and unique app development idea, you need to step out and do it. App business is about constantly taking on guard to outshine the competition.

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