Top 5 Reasons To Choose Kotlin For Android App Development

Today, we have listed here top 5 reasons to choose Kotlin for Android app development instead of Java. Hope you will like this post. Have a look!

Kotlin for Android App Development

Going back to the past of Android Application Development, Java has taken over the world. However, after Google introduced Kotlin as the new programming language for Android Apps back at the 2017 I/O conference, the application world has begun to move forward. This post would give insight into the number of reasons for choosing Kotlin for Android Application Development.

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Since Google has planned to move the platform to Kotlin, several programmers have selected Kotlin for Android app development and programming. Java is now perceived to be an error-prone, old programming language that does not support modernization. Some of its useful features are not supported for Android app development. So, programmers are now transitioning to a more result-oriented and easy-to-use Kotlin programming language.

Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language launched in 2010 by a digital product development company called JetBrains, based in Russia. It’s an open-source language that can operate on a Java Virtual Machine.

The multipurpose programming language has grown to power in the last three years, and programmers tend to deliver several acquisitions and functional features that further provide quicker integration.

It is among the most preferred programming languages for the Android Platform, both open-source and flexible, and supports several easy-to-use programming resources. Let’s start with a short overview of Kotlin before we go into depth of Kotlin for Android app development.

What is Kotlin?

Created by JetBrains, Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language that complies with the Java Virtual Machine byte code. It’s been three years now, though, and Kotlin’s success has only grown since then.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Kotlin For Android App Development 2

It’s easy to follow and one of the fastest-growing languages after Swift. That’s why Kotlin is a perfect match for Android users and Android software makers, adding all the benefits of modern language to Android without enforcing any new restrictions. Android software companies are now dependent on Kotlin for less support.

Top businesses such as Uber, Pinterest, Evernote, and Square have expressed confidence in Kotlin’s programming language.

Even developers and Android software production firms such as Cubix enjoy Kotlin for high compatibility with Java and excellent tooling support. And because Google supports both Android and Kotlin, the mixture benefits the Android App Creation method.

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What would you do with Kotlin for Android App Development?

There are many places in which Kotlin can take an essential role. It can be found in almost any area where Java is used.

Let us know a few examples where it can be used.

  • Development of the scientific game.
  • Analysis of data
  • IOS re-use code for Android applications.
  • Embedded structures.
  • Web apps like Netflix.

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5 Reasons Why Choose Kotlin for Android App Development

A need for mobile app production companies to have strong Kotlin Programmers is crucial. Google officially supports the programming language for writing Android apps, which is just enough to turn to Kotlin for any type of Android app creation.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Kotlin For Android App Development 3

A list of five reasons and more specific details on the option of Kotlin for Android App Development Services is as follow:

1. Seamless Integration with Android Studio

Android Studio is based on the Concept IntelliJ framework developed by JetBrains. The business launched the language in 2011, and Kotlin became 1.0 after five years in 2016. The next year, in 2017, Google announced support for Kotlin as a first-class Android programming language. The same year in October, Android 3.0 was released, offering full support to Kotlin.

After Google I/O 2017, Kotlin’s adoption rate has improved and is now moving towards a full transition to the Android ecosystem. Kotlin has now significantly reduced the boilerplate code’s amount expected to be written and effectively conquered the Java language for the Android version.

2. Maturity Level Shown by the Language

It required Kotlin nearly five years to release version 1.0. First, the alpha version was released, and then the beta version was released. And before it was released, this statically typed software developers had already used programming language in critical projects. Kotlin’s new version 1.0 is entirely empowered by JetBrains to support the development of Android applications. It’s Java-compliant and familiar with the latest Android language, and its IDE plugins function correctly.

Wait, there’s more to it! What’s fantastic is that the founders have added Gradle support to Kotlin to allow Gradle files to be written in it. They are effectively designing Kotlin features that will enable the development of iOS applications. If the process is over, developers will write even native apps in this incredible language.

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3. Kotlin is Easier and Safer than Java

If we contrast Java and Kotlin for Android app development, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that this new language for Android has an advantage over Java. Simultaneously, most experienced Java developers would find that encoding classes’ method is almost the same for Kotlin. In comparison, both languages share a variety of syntaxes.

Kotlin is much safer than Java when it comes to privacy. Kotlin avoids typical programming errors by design, resulting in fewer device failures and more occasional application crashes. When developers write any code in Java, they are likely to make mistakes. But when it comes to Kotlin, this forces developers to write a stable code. A zero-security feature powers android developers. So, the Kotlin code vector cannot hold a null value unless labeled “nullable.”

4. Kotlin is Open-Source

Kotlin was released as an open-source programming language back in 2012. It makes it easier for developers to get the leading product development and ongoing assistance from the Kotlin team. The developer will root for the creation of high-quality applications by using Kotlin as the programming language. It is a functional programming language and provides greater efficiency. Being an open-source project with a general feedback and support group of developers, Kotlin is a better programming language to choose from than Java.

With the launch of Android Studio 3.0, the upgrade now provides a built-in function to support the Kotlin android app, and the programmer doesn’t need to use a plugin to connect to Kotlin programming support.

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5. Kotlin is Easy to Learn

Developers-Jet Brain was developed to make Kotlin’s languages easy. So, even without writing a Kotlin line, developers can quickly grasp the bulk of the code. The essence of simplicity has made it easy to manage the fundamentals of the language. Kotlin is a better and better Java version that comes with significant enhancements for Android app developers. Kotlin is much simpler than Java when it comes to building classes and multiple syntaxes.

Even though an experienced Java developer starts learning Kotlin right from “What’s Kotlin,” the developer won’t take a long period to become a Kotlin expert. This programming language is simple. The company, JetBrains, has carefully ensured that developers moving from Java to Kotlin do not find a complex process that eventually increases the app development process’s difficulty. They maintained the language plain, keeping a similar appearance to the Java programming language.

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Until now, you should certainly have an idea of how Kotlin pushed and helped Android developers to build robust Android apps with the ease of touch and development. However, many Android app developers have begun to follow the Kotlin language, so it’s an excellent chance to using the Kotlin for Android app development market in the coming years.

So, the time has finally come for Java developers to walk along with the technology, try their hands on Kotlin and take on new possibilities to create Android mobile apps.

Kotlin is full of advantages for Android developers. Many businesses are adopting the language, so there is a strong chance of growing the Kotlin developers market in the coming years. Kotlin is full of advantages for Android developers. Many businesses are adopting the language, so there is a strong chance of growing the Kotlin developers market in the coming years.

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